Mask connectors resulting from handicrafts

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Hi friends this time I will share an object that is a mask connector resulting from handicrafts
This is an object that we can use as a tool to become a mask connector.
At times like this it is possible that almost all of our daily activities should wear masks to prevent transmission of the virus.
As in Indonesia most people wear head coverings, so to wear the mask the person must remove the head covering first.
With the discovery by creative people can knit yarn and added canteen clothes like this that can make it easier for people to wear masks.
Basically, the mask can be packed as usual by installing it in both ears.







The function of the connector is to unite between the two mask straps, some people who cover their heads such as veils or jacket hoods and so on, obviously the ears are covered with the head covering.
People who wear masks can be directly used tampa must open the head covering first, because the connector can connect both mask straps outside the head covering.
Like the picture below when it has been used or installed between the mask and the connector.


That's all I can share more and less I apologize sometimes there are words that are not polite.

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Hi @sariyulis21! This is a very creative and attractive way to extend the mask making it easier to put on. This type of craft would fit well in the [NeedleWorkMonday] Community ( or in the Hive DIY Community :)

thank you for the attention advice, in the future if there is content about creativity I will post it in the community 😊

You're welcome :)