different piles of yarn with different colors

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Yarn is the main material in sewing.
Yarn is a long cotton fiber usually used for sewing,
What we must prepare before sewing is one of the colorful threads hanging from the fabric that we will sew.
Because I am a tailor then my content will display such as thread and colorful fabric fabric I am interested in seeing this thread that has been stacked with mixed colors and one color orange pink red and black or other.
Deliberately I strewn this thread to display a unique and interesting image to look at because the thread arranged by the factory packaging may be seen mediocre.
The color of this thread is very dependent on the consumer who sews a shirt or pants because this thread can change the color of the fabric.
Depending on the consumer, the possibility of consumers who see details about the fabric will not accept that if their pants or clothes are sewn with threads that look lighter or darker, I also see less satisfied with if the thread we use does not match the color of the clothes we will sew.

Not a thread like this is very sensitive if we look like
in the packaging of the yarn factory never scattered like the color I photographed because every packaging for example red then in a factory packaging there are all the common threads.

for a tailor has become an obligation to have threads or prepare threads that they will sew because if for example there is no thread will not be able a tailor to sew a dress.













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