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The gobbler is an improved breed over the local ones. The latter are usually the ones that are terribly aggressive and can attack or pursue anyone unprovoked. I experienced the aggressive from local turkeys reared by my old man. He usually moves around with a long stick to scare them away whenever he is within the compound. If he, the owner, can do this, you can imagine what someone like me who is just an occasional visitor would have to do to contain their aggression.

If I were you I wouldn't go in, I would tell the man ''hey man, I felt like going to the bathroom... in my house'' or something like that..... I have an uncle who has a lot of farm animals, including turkeys. Ever since I was little I have been scared of these beasts because they are so scary when they chase.....

Is like you're on the verge of death, and you say ''sir, this is the end of me'' and it's terrifying. However, I love them, I love animals of this species.

The sound is peculiar to the gobbler and is referred to gobble. This attribute seemed to have been lost in the improved breed turkey, meaning that the local turkeys are the closest to their wild ancestors. While the sound might appear as fun/nuisance to us, it has a variety of usefulness to the animal. According to the National Wild Turkey Federation:
The gobble is a loud, rapid gurgling sound made by male turkeys. The gobble is one of the principal vocalizations of the male wild turkey and is used primarily in the spring to let hens know he is in the area. Hunters must be cautious using a gobble, especially on public land where it may attract fellow hunters to your position. It can also be a double-edged sword. A gobble may draw a dominate tom to you looking for a fight or you might drive away less dominant birds who want to avoid a beating. It is often used as a call of last resort. However, it can also be used effectively late in the evening when trying to get a tom to gobble on the roost. source

I had no idea about this either, curious, maybe people need to read more about animals near/inside their home.

This work is wonderful, I congratulate you on it. Thank you very much for sharing it. Best regards!


They are actually lovely when they are young and yet to become aggressive. Not sure turkey is one of the animals I would think of keeping. Nah

Thank you for the insightful and detailed comment.