Stock Image about a handwritten solution to a Thrust and acceleration on Rockets. This solution belongs to the area of Principles of Rocket Science.

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Hello ladies and Gentleman, first of all let me wish you a very nice day. This uploaded stock images deal with principles of rocket science, and more specifically with a problem of thrust and acceleration of a Saturn V rocket.

On this problem i show how to use some fundamental definitions for the rocket science as Thrust, Velocity of the Exhaust, and change of mass.

The questions to be answered.

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Well these are the stock images:

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My purpose of uploading to stock images community:

Well, my main goal in uploading these handwritten mathematical proofs, is to use this great community of stock images, as my repository of handwritten mathematical proofs, which I always make as part of my more elaborate posts on mathematics and science in general, which I often publish in the most specialized communities in the scientific topic, such as: STEM-Social, STEM-Geeks, etc.

On the other hand, from here I will build my portfolio of stock images about my handwritten mathematica proofs.

The last point that i wanna make clear is that i always will post here, the original and most formal post where the uploaded stock image comes from.

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You can see my most formal post about this Rocket Science problem, here: Link to the post

I wish you a very nice day, dear hivers.

-Blessings for all of you.

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