Flowers are flowers that speak

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Flowers are flowers that speak

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Flowers are representatives of the beauty of the universe. With human flowers likened the language of beauty. The night wants to present that beauty in @stockimages, some saliara flower buds. Saliara flower is born from its ordinary tree, grows wild in the forest, but not infrequently people are amazed at its beauty.

This Salihara flower I photographed in the forest area of Aceh. I chose this flower because I wanted to explore its neglected beauty. Recently many mothers have finally recognized this flower. They started planting and taking care of it at home. And it is not uncommon for them to buy in the flower sales market.

Have you ever received a gift of flowers?

Flowers are a beautiful sight in a universe where many people love them because of their beauty. In addition to beautiful flowers are often used to say words that do not have time to be spoken. Since long ago flowers became the idol of lovers to express their feelings to loved ones. Most are men who wear flowers as something that can represent their feelings.

Over time people began to understand the language of flowers it was a recognition that flowers could speak. Of the many languages of flowers that have been translated is that flowers represent feelings, be they expressions of love or expressions of forgiveness.

Usually women are adherents of the language of flowers, they seem to see love floating among the fragrant flowers. That's why many women love to get flower gifts. Moreover, the flower came from a loved one. That is why flowers become an option for lovers in expressing feelings.











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