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Hallo everyone..
On this occasion, I would like to show you some pictures of the needle scylindrical that I took with the #macrophotography technique.
I'm donating this image to the #Hivestockimage collection.

Who doesn't know the needle the small cylindrical that is really needed by mothers.
This needle looks very unique with there are various colors on its head.
I managed to shoot several pictures from different angles, so the image quality is very clear.#photograhpy
this is a beautiful #artwork.
Many people use pen needles for various daily purposes.
all of these pictures have beautiful #graphics.
Alright buddy, let's take a look at some pictures taken by Smartphone cameras with the added macro lens below.












All of the pictures above look pretty interesting, don't they?
I took all the pictures above with a smartphone camera with an additional #macro lens, so the image quality looks more detailed.

Those are some pictures that I can show today, I hope you all like it.

I say thank you to:
for all of Hive Stock Images Communities team and all other parties who have been involved...

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Terms of use for these images:
Credit me, @ipolatjeh1988 as the creator of the image;
You may use these images only on Hive.
You may overlay text or edit it to suit your needs.
Those are some of the images that I can show today, I hope you all like it

camera Modelxiaomi poco x3 nfc
Oringinal picture@ipolatjeh1988




Please think about your tags. If you wanted to find an image of pins, would you search using these words? I don't think anyone looking an image for their post would search using any of those words, because they are not specific enough.

@minismallholding Please advise and guidance, what should I do so that people can easily find the image as they want ..

Think about what these pins are used for and who would need them in their posts. These kind are used while sewing, in crafts, needlework etc. You’ll want to try to direct your tags to attract your target audience for each specific post you publish here.

@crosheille Thank you for the information, maybe in the next post I will be really careful about it..

You're welcome although it would be wise to change your comment to more relevant tags including the ones I suggested if you want this post to be easily found by authors. You can simply edit the comment to fix this.

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Thank you for the latest information, I will read it soon.

I love your imagination and creativity, keep em coming. Good afternoon.

Thank you @afterglow have a happy day

You're welcome (^_^)