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Hi everyone...
On the occasion of today I want to donate some very beautiful insect pictures to #Hivestockimage ...
This insect is named the bee with the scientific name(Megachile sculpturalis).
During the shooting process, I faced many obstacles and challenges. To photograph macros, of course, we need a high level of patience to get detailed results from the object. I used a smartphone camera with an additional macro lens to get detailed images. But here I want to remind you a little about macro shooting, different from taking pictures in general that we often do.
If we look at it at a glance, we will see the beauty of the shape of the bee, but the fact is that this bee is very scary.
Alright let's take a look at some pictures of bees below.






Those are some pictures and my short explanation today I hope you all like it.
All images above are my personal property.

Terms of use for these images:
Credit me, @ipolatjeh1988 as the creator of the image;
You may use these images only on Hive.
You may overlay text or edit it to suit your needs.
Those are some of the images that I can show today, I hope you all like it

camera Modelxiaomi poco x3 nfc
Oringinal picture@ipolatjeh1988



I’m still not all the way comfortable up close to a bee but I’ll hand it to you, these are some good shots. It’s amazing how nice the quality is on cell phone cameras nowadays.

Thanks for sharing ~

Everyone should be careful when near a bee, because he will not hesitate to release a sharp sting, which will make our limbs shiver in pain.
I use a cellphone camera with an additional macro lens to get detailed object results..
The quality of today's cellphone cameras is indeed very good.
Thank you for seeing my post..

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The photos looks great. I love the contrast between the dark background and the unique color profile of the insect. !discovery 15

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This image does look beautiful with a combination of black filters.
Thank you for seeing my post.


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