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It's sometimes called "cheese snail" because of the shell ...


... its shape resembles a bit the wheel of cheese.


This shell has also another pretty peculiar characteristic ...


... it's slightly hairy.


It's not uncommon in the forest of the inland of this peninsula where I live ... but is hard to casually encounter because spends most of its time inside the rotting tree trunks. I put the snail out of there, on a piece of white paper I brought with me, for this photo session ... and then I returned him in his trunk.


Hope you'll find some use case for this strange little snail :) As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


Here is a bonus negative picture ... you can always turn it into positive in Photoshop :)


I had no idea there was such a thing as a hairy snail. Wow :D Always learning from your posts, buddy thanks :)

I also discovered this relatively recently, a decade ago while sniffing around the woods ... today while searching for the name of the species I found on Internet other hairy snails from Tropical Asia and Africa ... very cool little creatures. And also today I found out that only young snails of this species have hairy shells ... they get bald when they are older.

...just like us humans :D Bald or grey :D


Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

That's incredible, I've never seen anything quite like it! Hairy shell on its side. Thanks for sharing.

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I can't help wondering what went through its mind (mind?) during its brief excursion.

:D Some kind of alien abduction scenario ... maybe ... X files episode from a snail's perspective


amazing. my 1st thought was its photoshopped!
very strange creature, indeed.

@blacklux, a snail alert here!

Hair alert!!

I see a hairy snail for the first time)
Last photo, great! Reminds me of "Alice in Wonderland", and some other magic)

Hairy snails! What more could we possibly want :)

a bald kitty?.. oh but we already have that kind! hmm...

Smooth cacti 🌵

smooth and fluffy? and purring ? will it be cacti, after all ???

Of course, why not?


I have never seen a snail like this! 😮 It looks like a hairy cinnamon bun!! 😄
Definitely not like my lil Dottie... 🐌😊


OMG!!! So hairy!

I don't see snails so much. I didn't realize some were hairy. The snails I am familiar with are without hair!
I'm so glad I came by... another thing new!

very beautiful and very unique, this is the first time I saw this furry snail is very extraordinary.

A very strange and funny looking snail! It might have been a hybrid between normal earth snail and some alien species!! It coils like a small snake too! Nice capture!

ps. this could (should) be the most voted and commented Post of the day on Hive!

:D It's the engagement snail!

ahahaha! yes :P let me present you some more extras on this post :P !BEER and !ENGAGE 30 for you

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