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Just North of Edinburgh (Scotland) lies the Firth of Forth, a body of water that has taken a bite out of the land. For centuries, the way to cross meant taking a boat from South Queensferry to North Queensferry or else travelling West, crossing the river and then continuing North.

Nowadays we have a choice of three bridge crossings:

  • The Forth Rail Bridge was opened in 1890 (2.5km)
  • The Forth Road Bridge was opened in 1964 (2.5km)
  • The Queensferry Crossing was opened in 2016 (2.7km)


I went out there with @flamistan one sunny October day on our way back from somewhere in Central Scotland. We stopped off at various points both North and South of the Firth and walked around taking photos. We went down to the harbour in North Queensferry where we found lots of boats sitting rustily below the massive structures and we walked through the larger town of South Queensferry, on the Edinburgh side of the water.

The architecture is impressive close up and it is something to consider that each of these bridges was build in a different century. Most flights to or from Edinburgh Airport will provide a spectacular aerial view if you have a window seat and the area above the Firth of Forth is clear of clouds.

For more info and some spectacular aerial photos, check out the forthbridges website. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these 17 photos :D.

The Three Bridges Of Forth:


















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The architecture truly is impressive bro,
and so are those boats.

It's great that @flamistan helps motivate your photographic artistic juices.

I think she should have her own boat. 🤗


LOL 'Flamin' Barge' is a great name for a boat.......mebbe we go back, pick up a rustbucket and sail over to the 'New World' and have that potato dish with you? 😄....Thanks for stopping by and saying nice things bro 🤗


Hahaha I'm sure it wouldn't be a rust bucket when you're done with it!

Sailing over to the "New World" would come with some challenges I think, but if we put our minds together we might be able to overcome these challenges. Things could turn out for the better with everything going on, who knows.. Mebbe "their" nefarious plans will backfire on them and we will see a freer world. One can dream anyway :)

If all else fails we can just stay on the boat, eat potatoes and shrooms and do whatever we want lol.

Thank you for your kind words too my friend, it's always nice chatting with you. 🤗

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I am amazed on almost a daily basis of the people I have not yet met on this blockchain despite being here so many years. In addition to that, I cherish being able to travel daily to places I hadn't even heard of like the Firth of Forth!

Amazing pictures and you have a knack with words that make them come alive.


Thank you Zeke, your three sentences do me great honour in many ways and it is a pleasure to (re-)read them :)

Yah the blockchain is so full of friends we haven't met yet and needs more curation and engagement!

Right on!