Hive Stock Images: Ladybugs Mating And The Larval Stage

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Seeing the behavior of animal life is exciting for me. Sometimes I saw them preying on each other, some were stunned by themselves, and the most fun was seeing them mating.

As the two ladybugs did, I saw the couple enjoying their mating. Next to them, on another branch, a larva is catching an aphid for its prey—Ladybugs have a rather long metamorphosis process, egg → larva → pupal → and then become a ladybug. (See The 4 Stages of the Ladybug Life Cycle)

I had the opportunity to capture this moment and I will contribute these photos to the #hivestockimages. For those who are interested, or want to write a scientific article about the life of ladybugs, or any article about animal life on the Hive Blog, but you don't have pictures, you can use them for free here.














CameraXiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro + Macro Lens
CategoryAnimal Photography
ProcessedAdobe Lightroom
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia
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wonderful, simply wonderful shots, I wish I did those myself :P
havent met ladybugs this summer at all.
resteemed; cheers -- and !BEER

@qwerrie LOL! Thank you, I even thought it was winter in Russia :)

winter is about to start here, 2 days ago we had the 1st snowdrop. but.... with this Global Warming shit... things very differe in different parts of the country. (as it is very elongated)

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Incredible, you've even caught the baby with its dinner! 😁

@hive-118554 Hehe. I think this is just a coincidence, thanks :)