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Hallo.. Good morning friends of the #StockImages community, meet me again @abizahid. I hope all of you are well and your family is at home.

Seeing posts from hive friends who are so #creative and #imaginative in finding new ideas for creating content and then posting them on the #stockimages community, makes me motivated to think hard in working on hive. But not only in the #stockimages community, in fact I also see content in other communities on hive so that new ideas come to my mind.

The last time I saw a friend's post on the hive account @strenue, where he very elegantly #drew the hive #logo manually using his #hands. It is a work of very high #artistic value. Therefore, I was slightly inspired by his work to try to also #draw the hive #logo with other "versions" according to my own ideas and thoughts. Hopefully my work can be well received by friends in the #stockimages community.


Here are some photos of my own version of the hive logo that I can share with all of my friends:








1644663242070 (1).jpg


I also take this opportunity to apologize if the photos that I show are cut off or not uploaded properly as they should. This could be because the internet network in our area is experiencing problems..!!

Okay, that's all my post for this morning. Thank you friends for being willing to read, comment, and upvote my post. Don't forget to reblog my post if you like it and want others to see and read it too. And don't forget to also read my previous post. Warm greetings from me @abizahid...

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