4 years later...

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         Just like that, four years have passed since I joined this chain. What originally started as an attempt at a side gig turned into a hobby over time. The difference: there is a lot less excitement surrounding it.

         As I have mentioned before, I've decided to reduce the number of times I post since my attention is focused elsewhere. I still vote and curate/moderate for some communities, so I'm not gone.

         I am still doing moderation for STEMGeeks and CineTV. If you haven't picked up on that, it means I'm doing well at not drawing attention to myself. I'm vested in projects associated with @brofund. I still have my dCity running. My other go-to game on the chain is @cryptobrewmaster, made by members of the Ukrainian community here on Hive. Feel free to give them some support.

         Perhaps one of the reasons for the lack of excitement is the world getting darker, yet darker. Alas, there's not much I can do about it. Maybe I've finally hit the point of burnout where I am only going through the motions instead of putting my heart into it.

         I still think Hive is great for productive hobbies. For those from less fortunate countries, this place is a source of income. It's cool seeing "blogging" is no longer the only activity on the chain.

         Honestly, Hive is its metaverse. It reminds me of the IRC days. It's not flashy but works and is endearing to some. Of course, this place could use some native smart contracts to open up more options.

         I don't have much else to say. So, feel free to ask me anything.


Congratulations on your four years on hive, indeed hive is really a metaverse

Congrats on your 4 years dude. I think the first time I interacted with you was on a Marky's Discord server shortly after the bid-bot era, 2-3 years ago now?

I have always wondered why your nickname is enforcer48 and not Leonis.

 last year 

The @leonis name was already taken. I suspect that one might have been me as well, but I probably went full dumb with my log info.

The handle, @enforcer48, is meant to look for someone.

Time flies when you are having fun I suppose. I'm creeping up on my 6 yr anny on this chain. Crazy.

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 last year 

Dang, that is crazy.

But, it's the productive kind of crazy.

Four years in a long time online. Other services have come and gone in that time, but I think Hive has a future. We have lots of options in how we use it. These are difficult times, but it is good to see the community helping out those in need.

Stay well and do what brings you joy.


 last year 

You take care as well.

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Rem still best waifu?

 last year 

I'm an apostle of greed.

Do you watch Dress Up Darling? Wholesome stuff.

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The title scares me.

4 years on HIVE! Wow! That's pretty cool! 🤩👍
🥦 !LUV 🥦

 last year 

Yup, time flies.

Yeah, really! 😄👏👏

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what's your strategy going forward in terms of putting the shiny coins you are here to work? buying more HBD with Hive? or vice-versa? staking everything and letting God sort them out? :)))

 last year 

HBD is on the table, but also letting the staked tokens on Engine do their thing.

I'm really not sure if I should buy more HBD now before the inevitable slump in the markets or wait to see if Hive will pump again and then covert it to HBD

 last year 

Hard to tell, but we are in an overall downtrend in the market.

Hard to tell

tell me about it :)))

Buy bro

buy what ? :)

My four year birthday was in February. Doesn't seem like four years. I am still highly motivated, perhaps more than I was at first. I see that in small ways (really small ways) I can make a difference, mostly to people starting out, people from areas of the world with distressed economies. It feels great to do that. The big things --changing the world--beyond me.

Happy Birthday.

 last year 

I hope you keep that motivation going. It's definitely a feat.

Congrats on four years, it's fine for interest levels to ebb and flow. I've been through the post daily phase, and I'm now at the Post when I have something to say mode.

I still love the connect the community has to crypto projects and what is happening out there.

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 last year 

Yeah, I think I'm just entering the "post-frequent posting" phase.

This month is my four years in my company, i shud have known hive befor it wud hav been my 4 years too. Congrats on that milrstone. Goojab

 last year 


Happy Hive Birthday @enforcer48

 last year 


You're welcome @enforcer48

BTW, I noticed I miss your witness vote 😢
Do you mind casting one to me? It would be much appreciated!

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I prefer not to vote for someone with so many automated posts, even if they are helpful.

No prob. Thanks for the feedback.

Congrats man.. now let's go do some downvoting so we can bring some attention to ourselves.

 last year 


You haven't aged a bit.

 last year 

Asians be like that.

Honestly, Hive is its metaverse. It reminds me of the IRC days.

Oooh yeah... mIRC was also my first social media experience back in the days, together with ICQ for what concerns people I was closer with :)

In any case, please stay safe. A burnout is never good at all (and I know what I am talking about...).


 last year 

How times change.

... and they change fast!

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Just wondering, I saw that cryptobrewmaster kind of moved off chain. What is going on in that game? After I quit that game, I haven't really been bothering with it and I heard they kind of moved off after they started moving their posts to medium.

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 last year 

Only the ASH and CBM token moved off of Hive. The NFTs can still be found on Hive Engine and Wax.

You can still log into the game with your Hive account.

Eeeyyyy 4yearrrr🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻 congratulation broooo

 last year 

Yooooo, thanks man!

genial felices 4 años

 last year 


!giphy congratulations


 last year 


!giphy welcome

I'm 4 as well.

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 last year 


Congratulations I really appreciate you hardwork and efforts in the blockchain

 last year 


But, I really don't do much these days.

Congrats newb, you've done well.

 last year 

Still here, yeah.

Happy hiveanniversary!!!


 last year 


Congrats on 4. Need more petri dish posts!

Hey I have a question, if I post on 3Speak and use the category Stemgeeks will my post show up on the Stem feed? It didn't last time so I wondered if there is some issue with 3spk & communities.

 last year 

I will be a bit busy until after tax season.

Your post should show up. If not, try the stem tag.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 95 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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