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Hello everyone, Camping Club Hive lovers.
Introduce me @ipolatjeh1988 from Indonesia and this is my first post in the camping club community.
Actually, it's been a long time since I wanted to share some interesting posts for CCH but I haven't had the chance, but today I want to join and share interesting things that we can learn together.
I am a teacher who teaches at a high school (SMA).
A few days ago the education office held a camping event at one of the natural cultural heritage locations which was attended by all students in each school.
Each school will attend 14 participants, both male and female.



These 14 people are active scouts in the school building and of course very experienced in the field of camping so they can live independently even though they live in the wild.
Every son and daughter is obliged to set up a tent for them to take shelter and rest.
The camp event was held for 4 days, during which they had to obey every rule imposed by the orphanage.
Not only camping, they also have to take part in various competitions organized by the committee.
And they are required to take part in the competition while the activity is still ongoing.




We are teachers, of course, we will provide guidance and direction to them, so that our students who take part in camping activities run smoothly and of course they must stay healthy.



Make a legged tower.
Using the main pole of bamboo base material or a cylindrical stick with a height.


The cooking utensils used by each camping participant, where as I explained above they have to live independently, such as cooking rice and cooking various menus for them to eat.



Cohesiveness is very much needed in a team, that's why we always direct them to always live in harmony, so a sense of cohesiveness will emerge by itself.

Let's look at some pictures of the atmosphere at the camping site.













The camping scenery looks quite amazing with a variety of views in the camping location area.
During the camping period, our students faced various kinds of atmosphere, plus in my country it was the rainy season, of course they were very cold.



During the camping event that lasted for 4 days, we managed to get an award trophy that was given directly by the head of the education office, and this was a moment that made us all happy..
During these activities, we faced various obstacles, but all of them paid off by getting an award trophy from the head of the service.

In the following, I will show a video of a scouting and cooking competition, please watch it below.



Those are some pictures and short stories from me for a few days following the youth shoots camping event which was organized by the Lhokseumawe city education office which took place at the Aron location.
During the activity, of course, we got a lot of new experiences and new knowledge which will be very useful in the future.
Hopefully this post can be useful for all of us..

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