Didn't that Commercial have Virtual Reality?

in THE 1990slast year

I was reading a post by @crazybgadventure titled "So i'm entering the metaverse". The movie Lawnmower Man got @crazybgadventure fascinated with the idea of virtual reality.

I've never seen Lawnmower Man so I thought about when I first got fascinated with the idea of virtual reality. I know exactly when it began with holograms for me but....

I think maybe it was an ad on television for candy. I thought it was a Starburst commercial. I went on YouTube and after some searching found the ad but it turned out to be a commercial for Jolly Rancher.

It's the same commercial but I guess viewing it when I am older makes it seem different. Back when I saw it on TV it was all cyberpunk and awesome lighting. It is still that but now I am focused on how a girl was strapping a guy into a multi-axis trainer and...Was that virtual reality? Or did she drug him and that was all a hallucination in his head?

I just found some new headcanon. The VR helmet was a lie! It did nothing!


My first experience of virtual reality was this line:

"Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope."

I do miss Starbursts but never saw this commercial before.

I remember that also.😄

Hey hey thank you so much for the shout out I really appreciate that, wow I never seen this ad before but on face value it did remind me of the movie.

I may have seen this commercial or others. I saw Lawnmower Man and it caught my attention. I may have seen episodes of The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone or other science fiction movies or shows relating to virtual reality.

I'm not exactly sure when I first started thinking about virtual reality, it was probably in the last half of the '90s or at least by then at the latest.

Wait, it must of been the Holodeck on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Technically, that might be more Augmented Reality (AR) as opposed to VR. Well, it is VR casted onto an AR setting. I started watching Picard and that series probably in the early 1990s and at least by 1992, I was seven years old and this was right before my first time visiting California from Oregon.

I don't remember exactly when I first saw the Holodeck but I assume around 1992 but not sure which year, but I was watching the show at least by 1992. After that, I was really excited to see Star Trek Generations in 1994 where Picard was able to meet Kirk. I definitely remember the Holodeck then.

Wait, did you say the VR Helmet was a lie? It did nothing or not much? That's too bad. Yeah, in that commercial, perhaps she drugged him, tied him up. Perhaps he was imagining being in a VR but was really just high or was being slowly murdered. Maybe this is a thing you see as you are dying as your life flashes before your very eyes.

Our library had an Intranet, I remember that in the 1990s. My mom would hop on computers there to order books which were sometimes at other libraries. She would make requests on their network catalog.

My first time using the Internet was at least by 1997, I was at a friend's house, I remember looking at a few websites made for children. I think it was just a few web pages relating to Disney cartoon characters and other pop-cultural figures. Maybe Star Wars. Maybe a few other entertainment related items which were trending or where on the front page or the menu of whatever was being presented in front of me.

I started using the Internet once a month or more for an hour or random times started in like 1998 at the library and/or we eventually got dial-up via AOL.

I bring up Internet because Internet gave us Facebook which is or will eventually give us Meta or as in the Meta Verse which is VR. Internet was kind of like preparing people to be ready for the Matrix.