Relax while enjoying the view of fishermen catching fish


Hallo everyone....
On this occasion I want to share a little story when I was relaxing in a fishing village, of course the village is located on the beach.
Many residents work as fishermen by looking for fish in the sea.

Before I took the photo, I stopped at a cafe located on the seafront, the atmosphere around was quite comfortable, the gust of wind and the sound of the waves made my mind feel at peace.
After relaxing for a while I went over to the fishermen who were catching fish, they were very compact doing the work together it made me very amazed.

I am sure that in every country there are not much different fishing techniques like those in the area where I live.
Although my trip was short but I quite enjoyed it.
This is a short story of me relaxing while watching the activities of the fishermen catching fish in the sea.

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hello brother, welcome to my community.

Well, it must be fun to go fishing at the sea sometimes but not take it as daily job as I know this is not a easy task for anyone.

But I guess people were more comfortable with the nice weather today as I can see the sun doesn't so bright on the skies today.

Again, thanks for your support and your effort to post a good quality of post in my community

The job of a fisherman is not an easy thing, not everyone can do it.
Thank you brother, I'm also very happy to be able to join your community, I hope your days are always happy.😉

Beautiful overview 😊 it’s great to just observe sometimes…

Of course, but if we want to help then we will be given fish by the fisherman.

Yes… they give you a few if you help. 😎