Happy moments at the end of school


Haloo everyone...
On the occasion of today I want to share some pictures of moments of happiness for students at the end of school.
I am one of the staff employees who work in a high school home environment by profession as an administration but not a teacher.
A few weeks ago at the school house where I work there was a release ceremony for grade 3 students who had just passed their final semester exams and they were about to continue on to a higher level, namely entering the university they wanted.

Tears of emotion radiated from the faces of students when they shook hands with their beloved teacher,how not for three years they continue to learn and the time comes when they will separate to continue a brighter future.

Everyone must have had the most beautiful moments when we were still in school, things often happened at that time.
The release of grade 3 students is held once a year so the atmosphere looks quite lively, a number of students are dressed quite neatly, some are wearing traditional clothes, some are wearing casual clothes, all are welcome.
This moment looks quite festive and happy.
That's a little story of a moment of happiness on the day of the end of school students' release, I hope you all like it.

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graduation from the university is the best moment of people's life for sure, it's a pity that I didn't have full time university campus life when I was young, I only got my top up degree after I started working for years.

For me the degree is not an important issue now I can work and support the family I love so much.

I agree the degree itself doesn't matter, but the campus life must be great, that's my point.
It's important for us to gain the knowledge and change our mindset, the certificate of the degree is just a paper, but the value of the degree is intangible.

I totally agree with your words..
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sounds there's a little bug on the liketu at the moment, I believe @has-k and elmerlin are fixing on this issue

Hopefully this problem can be resolved properly, I can't review which pictures I will upload so I have to mark some pictures that I will upload.
The process is also very slow.