#1 The challenges and opportunities facing tech companies in the time of Coronavirus

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Our work lives have changed

During this episode, Robert Douglass goes live with the founders of Mattermost, Nextcloud, and Platform.sh to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way we live and work.

There is no question that our work lives have been upended dramatically. With children staying home, there are new demands on our time. Most of us no longer commute to the office, and are carving out a place to work in our own homes, where space can be limited. Many of us are also struggling with the lack of social connection the office used to bring. On top of this, there is an ever-present layer of stress from simply living through a pandemic.

How tech companies handle remote work challenges

We have much to learn from tech companies, especially those who are already remote, on the most effective way to adapt to these changes.

Choose your tools wisely -- Frank Karlitschek, the CEO and Founder of Nextcloud, says they have felt better prepared for the pandemic as a remote-first company, and they know what tools are most effective for them. Says Frank, “We use tools that let people work from where and how they want,” like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Mattermost.

Introduce flexibility -- Mattermost is remote-first too. Corey Hulen, their CTO and Co-Founder, says flexibility in timing and working hours are crucial. One of their most effective strategies has been to adopt an “anti-meeting” mentality, which focuses more on asynchronous communication to get things done.
Think people-first -- Fred Plais, CEO and Co-Founder of Platform.sh, notes that they actively promote a family-first culture, emphasizing their number one priority is ensuring their employees feel taken care of. When the pandemic hit, Fred’s first step was to reassure all employees no one’s job was in jeopardy.

What the future of work may hold

The shift toward remote work has steadily been on the upswing, but COVID-19 has massively accelerated the arc. Around the world, companies are suddenly questioning the status quo and whether they truly need big headquarters and long commutes. But all three CEOs agree this willingness to question and be flexible is a huge positive that has come out of such troubled times.

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