Cyborgs and AI

in Technology2 months ago

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I have no problem with AI or Cyborgs as long as they are not initiating violence against peaceful people.


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Apologies for the super speed on this one. Unfortunately you can't swap out the video on 3Speak yet.

Hi Cahlen,
Don't worry, X0.75 it's manageable. (but I'am biased, cause most of time I listen to your video X1.5)

Some thoughts:

  • As to the usage of maps apps, I disagree a little because, most of people I see now, lost most of their ability to navigate without.
  • AI don't exist. This is just some clever programming with huge database.
  • It is, and will be nefarious, because the sorcerers will decide of the code.
  • AI is an issue because I can't think of a way to be sure they will obey to natural law.
  • It is the Turring test indeed.