Hive Explanation: Still Wondering why CyberWay was Birthed/Forked?

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One of the best Blockchain Protocol in terms of performance characteristics and smart contracts functionality is EOS. But it has some shortcomings, to be able to build applications on top of it requires creating additional add-in.

Hence, a better Decentralized Application Platform was created- CyberWay forked to erase these loopholes. Aside that, here are some more culled extended reasons for its creating a better Smart Contract platform.

√ High costs of used memory in EOS. As of January 2019 (according to the source), a price for 1 KB of RAM data for storing was around $ 0,571. This means that storing only user data and consensus data on posts and voting results for a week (for a platform like might require of at least 400 MB and could cost a minimum of $ 200,000.

√ EOS smart contract data is stored in a huge hash table in shared memory and access to this data is possible via functions. The disadvantage of this solution is that in this case it is difficult to build search and aggregate queries. As a result the processing of data from this table becomes cumbersome. The most effective solution is to create cache services that would read data from blocks and save them straight to the databases where they can be easily processed. Implementing such a solution directly on the EOS platform is quite complicated.

√The EOS system system operates in accordance with the adopted Constitution representing a set of rules for resolving disputes in the form of a textual description (for example, if any user data are not used during 3 years the ownership of them shifts to EOS). It’s obvious that not every community could adopt the current EOS Constitution. That limits the user base of EOS and hinders application development. The EOS platform is focused on creating blocks with a maximum achievable frequency — two blocks per second. Such a high performance can be effective in marketing, but it limits the feasible complexity of smart contracts. CyberWay will meet demand of application developers that prefer reliability over speed (the goal for CyberWay is to have a block per 3 second)...READ MORE


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