Seeing the atmosphere of the durian garden this afternoon

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Good afternoon, happy homesteading friends, greetings to all of us who continue to be here to provide various knowledge and interesting stories about farming and other experiences...

The place I went to this time was a durian plantation owned by my parents, a week ago I had been here when the durian fruit was still small, different from today. It just so happened that I went to the garden today when the sun was getting dark or right in the afternoon day around 4 pm. Some time ago my uncle told me that the durians in the garden were already big, in about a month, they might be harvested. However, I was a little sad because an animal came to disturb the durian fruit, namely monkeys. become pests for durian plantations because monkeys always break or drop durian fruit from the tree, this is something that cannot be allowed, of course, that's why I came in the afternoon when several monkeys started coming out of their nests to damage durian fruit by dropping it from the tree, because the durian fruit dropped by the monkey has not yet entered the harvest period and cannot be consumed, of course.



This afternoon the weather is still quite hot I am very happy to be here because the forest is filled with trees making the atmosphere different from the hectic cities, of course there are many things that I can see from the side of the garden here starting from small rivers and ponds that I often use for fishing when I go to the garden




Beside this small river I also saw gondang fruit, this fruit in my village is known by the regional name "boh ara", what I know about the efficacy of this fruit is that it can treat diarrhea, one of them, but I have never tried it.


This is the other atmosphere in my plantation. In less than a month, the harvest will come. I will come back any time to be able to see and protect the durian fruit from annoying pests.


That's all for today #homesteading friends see you in other stories and experiences, greetings from me @macro1997

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