Homesteading | Rice planting season and water in rice fields


Hello #Homesteading friends wherever you are at the moment, I want to share some interesting knowledge and stories about the farming that I do in my village, In my daily activities, I am just an ordinary farmer in the rice fields, in recent weeks I have been busy farming again and preparing the land or place for me to cultivate.

The planting season has been going on in these 2 days, there are several community rice fields starting to be planted with rice, I came back to see the condition of the rice that my mother had planted a few days ago, which I know will be a lot of preparations that I have to do to do maintenance for the next few days, The most important thing to pay attention to when the planting season is over is the source of water that flows into the fields, Water is indeed the main key for farmers in rice fields because with water the work becomes easy, with the benefits of its existence in rice fields makes it easy for farmers to hoe hard clay soil, So can also make rice plants not die from exposure to sunlight.




I am very happy to see the water source today which flows sufficiently into the rice fields, some rice plants are starting to look better with sufficient water, for the next few days after the planting period I will fertilize the rice, the stages of fertilization must also have sufficient water so that the fertilizer does not clot and quickly break and dissolve in the water in the rice fields.




The atmosphere of the rice fields which is quite cool today makes me very excited to come back tomorrow to see the extent of the development of my rice plants, coincidentally also in my rice fields, I have prepared a resting place known as "Rangkang" this is a small hut that looks amazing where I rest during the day in hot weather.


See you next day #homesteading friends for useful knowledge from me @macro1997 🤠🤠📷