Cleaning up weeds on plantations with paid laborers 🤠

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Hello #homesteading brothers, greetings to all of us, I hope you are all well and always here by sharing goodness that is beneficial to many people around us...

Of course today I did an activity that I have often done on plantations, I really like farming and planting some useful plants for the future of my family, Like one of the plantations I visited this is a garden that I have left for almost 2 years For a long time because I was busy with my work outside the area, Before I left this garden two years ago I also planted several plant seeds such as areca nut trees, banana trees, rambutan trees and several other plants.

Today I came with three paid laborers whom I invited to clean the weeds which made some plants wither or damaged by the weeds, these three workers live in my own village they were very happy when I gave this job because there would be wages or payments from me after they work so that they can support their families at home, I am also very happy to be able to help these workers.

I have cared for this plantation for four years, some of the trees that I have planted have also grown so extraordinary, Just like betel nut trees due to the factor of moist or fertile soil so that these areca trees grow fast, what I know about areca nut trees, namely areca nut trees, will grow quickly. bear fruit for about 4 or 5 years or more when we first planted it, but in my garden I saw an extraordinary thing that the betel nut trees have grown and some trees have issued betel nut flowers that will bear fruit.

I also helped these workers by bringing a weed spray machine which later on these weeds will die from the poison that I spray

It didn't feel like the day was getting late and it was getting dark, it looked like it was going to rain soon, but the laborers didn't want to go home first because there were still working hours. While waiting for the rain to fall I gave several types of plants that had been damaged by weeds, such as rambutan trees and also some banana trees that had been damaged by weeds. I can almost harvest.

That's all for today, in the next few weeks I will return here and bring new types of plants or seeds such as the langsat tree that I have bought, and also I will invite these workers back to my plantation to clear some other land.

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Leaving a land for about 2 years! Wow, you surely did a lot of work there. Well done.


Leaving a land for about 2 years! Wow, you surely did a lot of work there. Well done.