Wound healing plants

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Hi friends, how are you today, surely everything is smooth and fine. All right, friends, in today's activity I want to display a type of plant that is very useful for humans because this plant contains substances that are very effective for minor injuries such as being cut by a knife, hit by a piece of broken glass or hit by a thorn which causes your skin to be sliced ​​even the sap from This plant is able to compete with medical drugs, this is really the best and proven, this plant is called BAKGAPAHITEK in my area. I also don't understand international names his.
This plant usually grows in highland areas and this plant also blends in with other small forests. To find this plant I think is not so difficult and not so easy. He often grows among the bushes too.
I have prepared some pictures about this plant for friends, hopefully this is useful,
Let's see

Alright friends, the shoots of this plant can also be eaten because of its properties that can heal people with internal stomach ulcers and this is very helpful, but the taste is very bitter.. if you eat it Chew the special shoots my friend.

That's my friend's picture of the plants I show in this activity, I hope it can be helpful and useful for all of us, all of my pictures are taken using my personal smartphone and I using Indonesian translated by Google