Vegetables that have a lot of vitamin A

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Hi friends, how was your activity today, I hope it goes well and you get lots of new experiences with HIVE. During the day before evening I also want to share with all my friends about my activities on this very sunny day, where I also this morning went to visit my friend's place and it turned out that behind his house he planted Among the vegetables are kale, which has just been separated from the seed sowing site. And I was very interested to have a look into the garden, I saw the vegetables already started to turn green and grow perfectly, as we know this vegetable contains a lot of vitamin A which is very useful for eye health. Because I am very interested in So I asked my friend for permission to take a photo of the plant and for me to display it in this community, and my friend allowed me to display it for all my friends. Hope you guys like it. I have prepared some photos of the plants and let's see.

This kale vegetable plant has just been planted and separated from the seeding site to be properly fertilized and this vegetable plant is very good when planted in slightly moist soil because this plant also needs water for its growth period and it is best if a water faucet is provided during the dry season so that the plants grow optimally.

Here we can see the plant has started to grow perfectly and the leaves are very green, that is a sign that this plant has no problems in its growth period, if this plant has problems or when attacked by diseases or pests, the leaves will appear yellow. This type of kale plant does not spread, unlike kale that grows wild. The texture is also different from ordinary kale. This type of kale has a very soft texture when eaten.

All right, my friends, those are some of the pictures I took from my friend's garden in today's activity. Hopefully friends like it and can be useful for all of us. All pictures above I took a self-portrait using my personal Samsung A022f phone. And I use Indonesian via Google translate. Have a good activity.


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