Spinach Plant Seeds

in Homesteading5 months ago

Hi friends, how are you all, of course, always be healthy and I pray that all of you will be successful for all time, we will meet again in this community with each other busy in various activities. today I want to introduce some photos to my friends about spinach which is very easy to reproduce and it doesn't take long to pick it, the nursery it's not difficult, the easy way is enough to take the seeds in the old flowers and sow them into slightly wet soil, in a short time they will grow and after that we just have to separate them one by one so that they are the same distance from each other. so that later the fertilizer that we sprinkle can be absorbed together. spinach vegetables are also very much vitamins for health what else for children, This is very good for increasing the thinking power of children in their infancy. I have prepared some photos on how to grow spinach, let's see.

This is an old amaranth flower and it is from this flower that it produces small red seeds, now from those small seeds we take them and we sprinkle them into slightly damp soil so he can grow perfectly.

here we see that his growth is not so perfect and it seems that he needs fertilizer to be able to grow more perfectly, and this plant really needs enough water, he can't live in arid land.

This vegetable plant is very good for the needs of the human body because these vegetables contain lots of vitamins. this is all I can show in this activity and look forward to posting My next one is definitely more interesting.
All the pictures I took myself using my personal smartphone and I use Indonesian via Google translation.