Plants Rich in Nutrients and Iron

in Homesteading6 months ago

Hi friends, how are you this Saturday, you must be in good health and so am I, until today I am still healthy and I want to see you all again through this community, And as long as I know Hive, it feels like there are no more lonely days, being here is like hanging out with all of you. Even though they are far away, they feel close and want to continue to participate here, of course with all friends.
Alright, all my friends, in this activity I want to show some of the photos I took when I visited my sister's place. I went to the back of the house and it turned out that there was a small garden there planted with sweet sweet potato and papaya. and I have prepared some pictures for me to display right.

As we know cassava plants have many benefits. Cassava has quite a lot of iron and it is a vitamin that can increase the body's resistance, and in some areas Cassava can also be used as a staple food. To cultivate sweet potatoes, we don't need to prepare too much water. Water is needed only during its growth period.

The cassava plant is very beneficial for the resistance of the human body because it is rich in nutrients and the cassava leaves are very delicious if the shoots are eaten. Because the cassava shoots contain all the calories needed by the human body.

Fruits like papaya contain quite a lot of water in their flesh, papaya fruit is also loaded with nutrients that are quite beneficial for the body. Its taste is sweet and juicy.

In papaya cultivation it is very easy to do, to care for it is not so complicated. Papaya is very adaptable to the environment, not easily affected by disease and its treatment I think it's quite simple.

This is all I can show in this activity, I hope all friends like cassava and papaya fruit.
I took all the pictures above myself using my personal Samsung AO22F cellphone. And language google translate.