Ginger Seeds.

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hi everyone how are you today, ok in today's activity I want to tell you about how to plant ginger. this plant has little effort to grow buds on ginger. for ginger seeding is very easy to do. the first one can take the ginger shell by placing it in a cold place or in places where we often bathe so that splashes of water hit it ginger earlier so that the shoots come out, leave it for about 10 days to sprout. after the shoots came out, my friends were able to break the ginger along with the shoots we plant in the land that has been prepared, right, all right, my friends, I have prepared some pictures for me to display, let's see

This is ginger that is more or less two months old. Ginger has a fairly expensive selling value in Indonesia. Ginger can be used as raw material for medicines and is commonly used for kitchen ingredients because it has so many uses. Ginger is also divided into two types, namely green ginger and red ginger, of course both of them have the same properties

ginger also requires care. and this is the material used to treat it from other bush plants. and ginger after planting should not be in moist or watery soil. ginger must be planted in the soil that completely submerged.

For the usual nurseries that are used is red ginger because red ginger is more stable than ordinary ginger and the price of red ginger is more expensive.

Ginger farmers are very promising for their results, but ginger with a fairly long harvest period must also be cared for and fertilized and to pick a quality crop we have to wait at least the age of ginger one year and two months. The longer we harvest, the more abundant the results are, that's what makes ginger unique.
All right, friends, see you tomorrow, and have a good day, I hope we are all under God's protection.
I took all the pictures above myself using my personal smartphone and I use Google's translation language. Regards.


I have been seeing this leaf 🌿 but was not aware it was ginger. Thank you very much for the update.

@agbogo hahhaiiii thanks again