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Last week some time, I bought this for the flower beds at the front of the house

It wasn't EXACTLY as easy as this, at least at first since I'd never done this before and had no one to bounce ideas off.

Four way manifold.jpg
I'd bought this 4 way manifold (my term for it) a couple of weeks ago, but until yesterday only the one with the yellow (goes around the house to the Veggie Garden) and the one with the silver colored fitting were in use.
Yesterday was a fine morning, not too hot, so I gathered me tools and went around front, and set to work (with Tom Supervising)

Front bed irrigation.jpg
In the above still image there are 4 sprinkler heads in operation, I have one more that came with the kit, a handful of different nozzles for those watering stations (different patterns of spray)
All this was FANTASTIC
After a bite to eat and some rest, I went all the way to the back fence to address "the portal to hell" Mystery Slab

I found this "mystery" coming up the hill (opposite this image) from the outhouse. I remembered noticing a piece of galvanized pipe, and wanted to get it for possible usage, only it wouldn't come loose, then I found it ran UNDER cement slab!

This showing the rough dimensions.
after a couple more days of hit and miss cleaning I got this:

The slab cleared off, both sides of the fence.
Lacking any further explanation, I decided to break out that one corner to see what might be under the slab

It's not really a slab, it's only inches thick with some chicken wire.


So someone laid out a 10 ft square of chicken wire over a low place and poured cement over it.
There is still the pipe coming out from the back and no logical reason for that (it has been suggested that his was simply a place to park some vehicle or equipment)
Now tired and hot, I put this project aside, and came inside to shower while Tommy took a nap

No, I was not eating Mushrooms

Using mostly fresh stuff from my garden

(Tomatoes are from the store) but the bell pepper, cucumber, squash, basil leaves, purple sage and lemon thyme were all from my garden, which I added to some Romaine lettuce and radish greens for a great salad.
Leftover stewed squash, and a cross between mashed potatoes and potato salad LADEN with black pepper, along with a piece of Lamb Steak, I had me supper

I watched the news on my Samsung Smart TV (over the air) while I ate.
Then, I had my cocktail and sat down to watch a show on Netflix.
My Samsung Smart TV would not connect to ANY OF THE STREAMING SERVICES I PAY FOR. 😠
This ain't my first rodeo here with this Samsung Smart TV, so I knew to first UNPLUG the powercord while the Samsung Smart TV was still on.
I did several more things I knew to do, like check for updates, but when I did that it said "The server is under maintenance, please try again later"
So god help me I called them.
After TWO BLOODY HOURS, I was told that the Firmware on my Samsung Smart TV could not be updated without it connecting to the internet, but it couldn't connect over the WIFI as it did normally WITHOUT THE FIRMWARE UPDATE.
She gave me instruction on how to download... we here, let me share what I wrote about this last night on you know where

Now here it is TWO HOURS LATER, and I still do not have my TV.
There is a FIRMWARE UPDATE that has to be done OVER THE INTERNET, only my TV won't CONNECT to the internet (keeping in mind that by now I have REPEATED THE TROUBLESHOOTING FIVE TIMES)
So she asked me to get a flashdrive and download the update MANUALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If any of you, or your family, uncles or aunts, god forbid your Mother or Grandmother were to be faced with this, do YOU think THEY could go through all this crap?
FIVE TIMES NOW since I bought this TV (not the firmware update, but loss of use of my TV) this has happened.
Does ANYONE keep a BLANK, UNUSED flashdrive just lying around?
But I wiped one, and started the process on the laptop, but then seeing that it was going to take FOR EVER over WIFI, I brouught it back here to my PC (or I started to, but NO!!!!!!!!!!! She asked me to do some of the SAME STUPID STEPS again)
So while we were talking (me screaming really) She set up a ticket for a tech to call me tomorrow.
in the meantime, I now have the firmware on the flashdrive, and I will see if it will update my TV now.
I had a GREAT day, prior to about 7:30,

Having wasted all those hours, and seeing as I was now VERY upset, I took a BP pill I have taken for several years before bedtime, but haven't been taking it for about a month now.
At 1:30 AM, I woke up sick as a dog, weak as water, covered in cold sweat and nauseated. I crawled to the terlet where I for the first time in years Igagged and almost threw up, but didn't. Crawled back to bed. When I got up, I checked my BP, it was 88/54 the first time! That meant I was nearly dead. I took it over the next few hours while I continued working on the TV. It crept upward to a semblance of normal.
I Did get the download onto the flashdrive, and as per instructions plugged it into the back of the TV but I knew it wouldn't work, because the download was a ZIPPED FILE
Back here on my PC when I tried to unzip the file, there wasn't ROOM on the flashdrive for the zip and the upzipped data

Thoughts of dragging the TV back here where my router is were running through my head when I remembered that I had a LONG ETHERNET CABLE I used in my last apartment.
So I went and got that, strung that red cable from one end of my house to the other, and the update was accomplished in seconds.
But during all that WORTHLESS TROUBLESHOOTING, one of the things done was a NETWORK RESET, which meant I had to get all my apps and the passwords back onto that bloody Samsung Smart TV
I now have a working Samsung Smart TV, but you can bet there will be a long complaint letter to Samsung Smart TV about this event.

↑That was last night↑


"Bipolar Day"

Jerry E Smith
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That was a mighty fine rant. I hope the sprinklers work better than the TV!

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