How I Safe my Potato Farm From Domestic Animals

in Homesteading3 months ago

Hello homesteaders. A happy new month of December and I wish you all good health to witness this coming Christmas. Today, I will be discussing how I managed to keep my potato farm safe from domestic animals.


Before moving forward about the experience I gathered in keeping my potato farm safe. I know that most people are aware of potatoes but don’t know how they can manage them from domestic animals after farming. By the time you must have read through this post, I believe that you will be able to draft some knowledge.


I hope you are aware that potato is a kind of food that is healthy in a starchy generation to the body. Potato contains vitamin C and it's also rich in potassium. I know you are not aware that potato was the major food consumed in the olden days because of their high energy generation, heart support, and many more.


This year’s potato planting was done very late in my farmland because the farmland was somehow swampy for rice planting. After some months of rice planting, I noticed that the moment dry season was about to come. The water within my farmland started drying off and I used the opportunity to plant my potato since the farmland is always fertile for yam and potato planting.


After I planted my potatoes! You know the weather is something that can change on its own without the help of man or science. In this regard, the farmland where I planted my potato started lacking water from the soil. I try as much as possible to pour water into my potato farmland to keep the potatoes living and also to help germinate good potatoes during harvesting.


One of the things I also noticed about my potato farmland was the stem and the leaf of the potato had been eaten up by domestic animals. The worst is that I complained about how domestic animals used to eat the stems and leaves of the potato but they were no help. I decided on my own to call a cousin from the village, he loves farming and also has the techniques to farm.

The good news was that immediately I called my cousin and told him how domestic animals used to eat up the stem and the leaf of the potato I planted. He gave me a suggestion on getting goat dumps. He also directed me on how to go about it.

I decided to agree with my cousin's goat dump suggestion to stop domestic animals from eating my potatoes. I brought the goat dump and used a stone to grind the goat dump. This was done in order to bring out the real bad odor of the goat dump. After I grind the goat dump, I added small water to it and decided to apply them to my potato farmland.


How I applied the goat dump to my potato farmland. After I completed the whole preparations of the goat dump, I took a long broom and then used the broom to deep inside the goat dump and then spray my potato farmland.

After the spraying of the goat dump on my potato farmland, I have not seen any other domestic animals damage them again.