Harvesting Rice From Natural Products in Rural Areas

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Hello all Hive friends.
On this very happy occasion, I will tell you a little about the life of us villagers during the rice harvest season. Our daily activities as villagers are mostly farmers, nearly 90 percent, and another 10 percent are workers as civil servants and honorary workers. status as a farmer is not an easy thing but a lot of work that must be every day, All obstacles and obstacles are always felt by the farmers, both in difficult and happy situations. sometimes even high risks that must be faced every day while at work, but the risk is not something that becomes an obstacle so that the work for farmers stops. even, with this risk, the farmers will be even more enthusiastic about working without giving up and being and more and more careful, in order to achieve an income from the work that has been done in daily life for his beloved family.

Like my father's work in the past few months, my father is a farmer, and now my father is a worker planting rice from three months ago, and now it's time to harvest rice

Planting rice is not a very easy thing to do, because most farmers fall into the category of poor assets, no capital to finance Other people in work to lighten their own power, But many of the farmers are rich in labor at , sometimes they sweat a lot all over their bodies to hit the target, and Alsofarmers are able to do anything that is or belongs to the category of agriculture. Because the farmers starting from small lives have been trained in work by mastering all physical which is very extraordinary

So that from the results of my father's hard work for 3 months, starting from the planting and caring period to the success or already harvesting rice. Sometimes I see my father at work, it can be seen from his face that it is very tiring and I feel very sad, then I also help to collect all the pieces of rice that have been harvested. To be collected in one place like my father's gebuk, so that it is easier for milling with a machine that separates the rice that is still sticky from the tree

Alhamdulillah, many results were obtained by my father from the business that had been done. And this for me is very grateful to have paid off the fatigue that has been going on, and almost every day during these three months,

These are friends of natural products in the countryside through agriculture that cultivates rice as a staple food, for every Indonesian and especially in my village.and this is done once a year. Also sometimes twice a year.

That's all and thanks from me
Greetings @ajirdeal to all hive friends, and see you again in the next post


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