Beating the Summer Heat · TCL Portable Airconditioner Unboxing



Beating the Summer Heat

Hello again and here we are with another unboxing. Since it is summer already the heat is getting intense here in the Philippines. We already have an air-conditioned but my aunt has been enduring the summer heat. Last time I offered my aunt our old aircon unit but declined because she didn't want changes in her room. She didn't want holes in her walls for the aircon unit.

We found out that there is a portable aircon unit from TCL and no installation is required. We told my aunt about it and immediately she asked us to order for her.


The unit arrived within 3 days from another popular online store here called Lazada and also has free shipping.

Model · TCL TAC-09CPA/W 1 HP
Price · 16,995 pesos ($352.30 USD)



We had to read the manual because we had no idea about this aircon unit since it was portable. There is some difference between the portable and the regular aircon.


The warranty certificate


The remote control also includes free batteries.


Here are the drain tube and the exhaust tubes to be connected to the unit.


This board will need to be cut and will be placed on your window for the exhaust.


Looks like our fur babies are curious about the new appliance that we have. Maybe wondering what is in the box.


Here we are the TCL portable air conditioner. It looks good and is very easy to move around because of the wheels attached. Easy to move to another room, unlike the regular aircon that is fixed.


I see one of our babies is pretty excited.


Assembly is very easy, you just need to twist the plugs to the large extendable tube. This part will go to the window.


This part will be connected to the aircon.


Just connect the large plug to the back part of the unit. Make sure the is properly secure and you will hear a click to indicate that.


Next, connect the other end to the plastic board. This will be attached to your window that will serve as an exhaust for the aircon unit.


We powered it up and try to test it first.


A beep can be heard and the top vents will open. I have just one worry about the top vents. It could be a problem if a small object falls in the vents that could damage the unit.


The air blowing out is cold which means that it is working fine but the sound is a bit noisy. Although not to the point that you cannot sleep at night with the sound.


As we know the normal aircon units drip water outside and we usually have a hose connected to it. Now, this portable unit does not drip water but instead, there will be a notification from the unit when water will need to be discharged.
Below is the drain hole where water will be drained from. Until there is no notification the plug will need to remain closed.


This is the where the filter is located.


Like the normal aircon regular cleaning will be required when the dust has accumulated.


Overall the portable aircon does the job of making a room cold. I have heard some bad reviews about these portable units but I think it is very useful. You could move it to a different location without the installation.

My aunt was very pleased and is now cool and comfortable in her room.

Thanks for joining me today and have a cool summer.



All photos and video are original and taken with

Lumix GX85 and Olympus 45mm f1.8

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I didn't know they made portable air conditioners like this! What a great thing! This is a great step-by-step post and it's very helpful having the pretty young lady demonstrate the setup! (Please tell her I like the ring she is wearing!) It is wonderful that your aunt will be more comfortable now in the hot summer! 😊

I also didn't know the made these portable air conditioners. I'll tell my daughter you liked her ring and I'm pretty sure no boy gave it to her 😄. As for my aunt now she sleeps like a baby in the afternoon.