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Patience seems to be one of the hardest, but also perhaps one of the most important attitudes necessary for a project like Hive

I say this as I have seen a lot of frustrated posts and comments over the last year regarding the status of Hive. Yet even frustration can essentially be something useful: it stems from an inherent desire and the felt need to change something that one is unhappy about. In effect, one could look at frustration as a main driver for change. It can be vented by putting its content into constructive words and the idea can then be communicated which might bear fruit in the future. T

This whole "mess" (I'd prefer to call it creative chaos) we are currently experiencing is part of the development for a successful future. Blockchain technology is still very new and it would be a miracle if we had started out with everything working seamlessly together.

For the users that have been here for some years, the changes couldn't be more obvious: user experience, dapps, blockchain code, community and organization, they all have seen some sort of change or addition. A clear picture emerges of how much things have improved is revealed by looking at the front page:



These are the first 12 posts (ranked according to payouts) today and if anyone still remembers the trending page from a year ago, this is so much better. We see posts about

  • Hive's status or development 2 Weeks until HiveFest5!, First Ethereum Deposit Successfully Tested for Hive-Engine, Crypto Financial Innovation Just Getting Started,
  • High quality Nature/Travel posts Coastal Creatures, Fragile and Fleeting**, From Takson Bridge to Bangrak Bazaar
  • Social/food posts How to win friends and influence people..., Having breakfast with a great friend
  • Community posts Introducing LeoInfra V2, Barter Trade launching today!, When conditions were good
  • Are there any more categories that you would like to see here?

In other words, the trending page is actually interesting and contains valuable/worthwhile information. This is a really big achievement and there are many factors that go into this, like having active communities, whales that upvote valuable content (and that have learned to put the project before individual greed), ongoing development of the blockchain (of which there are almost daily new updates) or also previous Hardforks (like the EIP, although these are in need for change again)

What I see is positive change. It is slow, but continuous. As this project and social experiment has never been attempted before, there will be bumps along the way. With the proposed changes coming with HF 25 and an active community and developer team, I think we are positioned for a strong and successful future.

I therefore think that it is important to be patient, but also to get actively involved. It doesn't matter how this happens. It can be in the form of coding, developing apps, but also in creating valuable posts and bringing good ideas to the community. Let's make this thing a success! :)




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Good point - I haven't looked at trending in years because it was always utter crap, but that really does look much better.