The unexpected death of a five year old

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Loss is never pleasant, but it is worse when it is unexpected and one doesn't have the chance to say goodbye. Today is one of those days. We had some good times and shared some beautiful views of the world together, but today, it has come to an end - our life hand in hand grip has been shuttered.

Quite literally.

The shutter of my trusty Olympus EM-1 has seized and the image stabilization is ticking trying to do something, but the screen is black. After troubleshooting, it appears that the repair is going to be quite a few hundred euros and take weeks. So, I am going to have to look for an alternative solution.

Thursday is Smallsteps' birthday and we take pictures each year, I need a camera to document the renovation for the future evaluations and history, I use it for work occasionally and of course, photography is a key aspect of my Hive posting. I have been a hobby photographer for years and I was really glad Hive gave me a usecase for it as a support for my writing. I see it as value adding to create a post with as much unique material for a post as possible and I far prefer to have one of my own okay images than the perfect sourced shot from the internet.


I saw a Hive related post by @ats-david using an image he created himself because he was travelling and didn't have another and I appreciate the effort. Is it a great image? No - but it is his and adds character to the post. I wish more people would get creative, even if they aren't creative and play around with adding more of themselves into the post.

Well, back to the camera...

I will take it into the shop to see if there is an "easy fix" for it, but if I need to get a new one and since I have several lenses for the Olympus micro four thirds (MFT), I will get another - though I am not looking to the price of this one at all.... It really isn't the best time to be spending money on a camera, but it is also something that I use almost as regularly as I write on Hive - So, the bullet must get bit. The camera I get will likely be (once I go and test it) be the most recent EM-1 as I have been more than happy with it (until now) and it is hard-wearing and weatherproof. I can be a little hard on cameras at times and of course, accidents happen with cold hands. Though, I have never dropped my camera.

I might do an unboxing if I get it, as I so rarely buy anything like this. Cameras are entertainment as it is mostly a hobby for me, but I also consider that since I regularly put it to practical value (I have shot some weddings and funerals also), I think it is more of an investment. As soon as it broke, the first thing I thought about was Smallsteps' birthday photos - the next was "crap... Hive." - I like that my hobbies can be combined together to support each other and that they also add value to my family too - it is pretty cool.

Well, today that value isn't going to be added, it is going to go well into minus, but at least I will have something to play with in the evening after my treatment. Which I have to run to now.

Because of my current condition, the two month at a time became 6 weeks and with it taking a heavy toll on my for about a week each session, it is quite a lot of impact time on my life. I think that the degradation in my health is mostly due to all of the stress and lack of adequate rest throughout the last 6 months, so I should get on top of that so it doesn't keep sliding.

This week still has a lot of house work ahead that has to be crammed into tomorrow, but I have been consistently chipping away at it so that I don't have an overload while I am physically and mentally drained from the treatment. I don't normally plan ahead far, but I am glad I didn't procrastinate the last week.

Right, off to the hospital and then the camera store - which is a place I normally only browse with longing, but today might be different. I would be very happy if they can quick fix my camera and bring it back to life for another year or two, as I am a tight ass these days and don't have much to spare, making me clench even harder. Fingers and legs crossed.

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OUCH! That's not gonna be cheap, should of bought a Canon:)
In all seriousness I understand that you have lens already but with Olympus soon to be no more it could be a gamble. Lets hope for your sake the new owners continue to support and produce quality compatible parts. From what I have read JIP intend to but it may pay to do some research.

Had a Canon, got rid of it because the cost of lenses and I had to carry around camera for my entire carry-on luggage. Yeah, Olympus cameras is being sold off I hear. I suspect it will be okay, and since I don't really need any lenses in the future I can risk it. Also, if people jump ship, I get to buy low used.

Can't argue with your thinking there, i'm pretty sure that the future should be good for Olympus under the new ownership.

The build quality is something to be concerned with as Olympus at the moment are very well built and robust. I hope they can maintain the standards.

JIP also bought Sony VAIO and by all accounts the standard hasn't suffered so that leaves some hope for the future of the Olympus name and quality.

I am not too concerned at this point as after all, soon bitcoin will be worth 1 million dollars and Hive 50, right? :D

And the dollar will collapse making it all worthless, haha

It's all about buying power. They will be begging for crypto in stores :)


Cheers dude:)

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Cool thanks!

Damn. When it rains it pours, doesn't it? It's really possible that the Camera shop will have a relatively quick and painless fix.

My Nikon is showing me some weakness (It's better than 10 years old). The primary lens can 'over adjust' and lock the whole system up. It's a simple 'turn the focus ring 1/64th of a turn' fix right now. Operative word is 'now'.

I'm actually looking as some of the mirrorless cameras. Smaller than DLSR (which is a great thing on a motorcycle) with all the photographic capabilities about a hundred MPX (maybe a slight exaggeration).

Anyway, have fun in the camera shop. Always a truly fun place. And if the bullet has to be bit enjoy that particular pain...

I amon my phone with one hand with a drop in it, so commenting might be short and full of errors :)

I had Canon for years but decided to go mirrorless because of size and weight. For everyday photography it has been great, though for some of the wedding stuff I used a friend's Canon rig.

I think the new Olympus should be decent and I only need the body, as I have lenses.

The body alone is the painful bit.

I hate using my phone. Hey. Maybe that's the reason for the 'Nice Post' comments.

I'll almost certainly go with Nikon when I jump because of the lenses too. Unless the new FujiFilm or Sony just won't take no for an answer (I can sell the lenses) :)

Maybe that's the reason for the 'Nice Post' comments.

I think it has something to do with it. I have explored it a couple times before and in general, it is the case. People change when on the phone.

Oh, because of the reduced size, it makes it more likely to be carried with me too. I have got shots I wouldn't have with my Canon because of this.

I have a mirrorless. The Olympus OM-D E-M10 MK III. A nice little unit for a scrubber like me. Just saying.

I will get the EM-1 MKIII - takes an eternity to get though -might not even be this week.


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First off, that headline was very worrisome. My first thoughts was toward smallsteps, glad it was not a post about that after all she had been running a fever and sick for a week or more.

I have become very attached to my camera even though I am still very new to the hobby scene of picture taking. I have only had mine for 2 and a half years or so, Christmas will be three years. It would suck to have to go back to just my smart phone. At least you will only need to get a new body, I wish life sometimes was as simple as replacing my own body with a newer model. Perhaps in the future that will be an option, a new housing for my brain.

I don't even rank up in the hobby part of photography yet, just a back yard shooter, but learning all the time about framing, and lighting, and all the other parts of photography that include a lot more than just pushing the click button. Fortunately there are programs that can really bring pictures to life, if I took the time to fully understand them.

have fun shopping.

I would never write about something like that in this way.

At least you will only need to get a new body, I wish life sometimes was as simple as replacing my own body with a newer model.

The body is a little bit out there in price, but I have been happy with it for 5+ years so I may as well see if I can get another 5 out of a new one. It would be nice to be able to get a new body -perhaps rent? Might make a good (weird) movie.

The backyard is a universe and you have captured some really great pics lately. Have you noticed the improvement in yourself over the last few years?

Oh yes, I can see a lot better framing, even though I crop a lot, and using the image software is slowly improving, and I am learning more with the manual settings, and lens selection. I have four to use a macro, a landscape, a zoom, and a 35mm portrait one. Picking the right lens is getting easier, and making adjustments for what lens is on the camera is becoming more second nature now.

even though I crop a lot

I think this is not a bad thing. I used to shoot the frame from the camera without thinking about cropping and missed many shots by a little bit. Bird wing tips or hair blowing in the wind etc.

Try using the macro (is it prime) for portraits too, it can be pretty good.

I was rather surprised with a few, (I forgot what lens was on shots), with the macro, I had a couple of landscape shots and while there was a tiny bit of fish-eye action they were not to bad of shots. I do use my zoom lens as a macro lens some times, but I need to be at least six feet, (2 meters) or so away from the subject.


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Sorry to hear about your stress. I know for a fact and first hand that stress is hard on your body. I made a few changes in my life, including work and other crap, and after I did a weight was lifted and the normal stress was easier to handle. Make sure you take care of you!

Okay.. enough of the unsolicited advice.. haha.. Sorry for your loss. I never dropped any of my cameras either, but eventually anything mechanical can and WILL break. It SUCKS when it happens though. It sounds like your bond was pretty strong with this camera. They really do become a part of us.. n extension of ourselves, documenting our journeys. Don't get rid of her!! she'll make a good memento all herself. I am sure you can find a nice spot to lay her to rest, in close view, as a reminder of the best of times 😁

Make sure you take care of you!

This is something I have put aside since my daughter was born - I am glad I have a writing outlet at least :)

I am sure you can find a nice spot to lay her to rest, in close view, as a reminder of the best of times 😁

Actually, you gave me a great idea for some art! Thanks! :D

Artists inspiring artists!! Awesome. I hear ya.. obviously your daughter comes first then we take care of us. But on the other hand I always hear people say you need to take care of you before your any good to your children. I don't know what to believe!! Hehe. Like anything, I'm sure there is a balance. Looking forward to seeing your "art" idea in the future!!!!

Take care of yourself first, but find the point of moderation. Many parents these days take care of their desires, thinking it is taking care of themselves. In general though, think about it like on a plane - put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.

Looking forward to seeing your "art" idea in the future!!!!

Will take some time - I need to finish the house first :)

At first when iyou sstarted readding I was so scared that you had lost someone..

Anyways I guess you will be able to fix it up. This will really affect you for a while though.

Happy birthday in advance to small steps.

Looks like it is fixable, but unfixable for a reasonable price considering the age of the camera. I think it has to be retired.

All good things....

So sad.. there is something about old's just so cool. The picture even looks cool too

it is only 5 years old, so not exactly antique ;D However, the camera is designed to look like an old Olympus. Unfortunately, the new one will be all black...

hey, buddy why not try buying or at least rent a camera for a birthday Bytheway happy birthday ... Smallsteps


Try buying? I am not sure they rent cameras here, but never looked into it.

It's a sad day when something like this happens. But can be a happy one of you do get to buy a new one, apart from the pain of the purchase price that is!

Yep. Painful and slow. Only one left in the country!

I've heard that sound before, not cool at all, maybe they will have some tricks to un-seize it.

Unfortunately not. It is pretty well dead and i am not planning on spending 20% of the cost of a new on fixing an almost 6 year old camera...

Yeah that sucks, i actually had the mirror FALL OUT of my 5d (classic) and even it being pretty old by the time i got it, canon fixed it for free as it was a known issue... i guess i got lucky

I hope they didn't put the same mirror back in :D

No, i'm pretty sure it was a whole shutter replacement ;)

Wow wow wow hold on. You are a master wordsmith and I expected the title to be something interesting but this was to the next level. I see this as an opportunity to have a new camera.Of course if we have enough to spend. I am not a minimalist and always look forward to buy a new toy for myself. Hope you can fix it.

And, I realized that Smallsteps and my lil munchkin share their birthday. Thursday it is, camera it is, celebration it is 🤡

I hate buying gadgets!!! :D

Money done the drain. If "forced" to buy, it is okay - but I upgrade as little as possible and hold on for as long as possible.

And happy Thursday birthday to your munchkin too!!

There is an option, try taking pictures with your phone. The effect is not at all the same, but with time it gets "bearable" enough.

I use my phone a fair bit, but for the kinds of photos I do and want to do as a hobby, the phone doesn't come close.

I literally thought that someone has died. Thanks, it's not a person but still kind of sad because the camera is one of the basic tools we need especially in writing. I just hope that they can still do something for it.

If someone had died, I probably would have used a different image :)

They can do something about it, but it will take a month and the cost of repair is too high for what the camera is worth. Pity.

Cameras are amazing device that communicates directly to mind of he that creatively handles it.

I hope your camera comes back effectively to life because it indirectly have a way of keeping you fit and hearty.

Photography is a great way to study life, if paying attention. I hope they can repair.

When you said "the death of a five year old" I was taken aback by your title but alas it was your camera. Well photography has always been something i love too however because I don't have the means I'm always tweaking the obstacles to also snap and create images for my blog too.
Well I hope they repair it too, would be better if it grows a fault in a full bull market.

My camera is older than my child, but far less expensive.

Even average unique photos are better than borrowed in my opinion.

Even average unique photos are better than borrowed in my opinion

Yeah, this is certainly true. That's why I even began taking my own pictures for my blogs and poems myself in the first place.

Such a beauty, sorry about this. And your health, I hope your treatment went well.

Life is as life does.

Better days ahead.

Holy heaven! That is bad news. I don't know what would I do without a camera. See, this is when we realize how much a camera means to us, when you don't have it anymore. And as it happens, problems appear one after the other when you're so busy and your budget allows no extra expenditure.
I still hope they can fix it, although these cameras, when they broke ... sometimes there's little that can be done, other that buy a new one. Good luck!

Things tend to come all at the same time and consumer goods are designed to be disposed of, unfortunately. I hope they can fix or trade or in and give a little value for it.

Let us know if they can fix it.

Yes, but it is too expensive for the value of the camera :/

Luckily, it did not happen during some wedding shoot. And i know people that were less fortunate :) Buy a system camera now :)

Nah, I will stay mirrorless as I normally travel with carry-on luggage only. Size matters :)

System cameras are mirror-less. But i get the lenses thing for sticking with Olympus, never tried one. But then again, it's not the camera that makes good shots. Most of the new cameras on the market are well beyond our knowledge how to utilize it to the full potential :)

Ouch! That's no fun. How much is a new Olympus? Can you grab a used one off Craigslist in a pinch?

I went with Canon when I transitioned from film and have to say, they are built well. Cameras of any brand are pretty spendy.

The new body was 1900€, which is upper end of my bracket for sure. There are none of them out there used, but I could have probably found a mkII, problem is, used isn't much cheaper here a lot of the time and you never really know.

The Canons are too big for me these days and I already have lenses for the Oly :)

Oof. That seems steep, especially for a mft body. Tech is higher in Europe, though.

I was really close to changing to the Fujifilm cameras. Their x series looks like so much fun. The lenses are 1/2 the cost of Canon's, too.

Lens cost (size and weight too) was a big factor. I am not a pro, so I can suffer a little quality and depth for practicality.

Sorry to read that, I hope and believe that she'll be healthier soon like you.💪

Let's be positive and look to the future together. We will come out of this crisis stronger together.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, big hugs.

Sorry, had to downvote this, a interest-sparking title is okay, but this title is just clickbait of the bad kind.

Don't apologise for downvoting, it is your stake, your preference - regardless of your reason.