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That's a shame. The chickens would do them no harm, but they have already got off to a bad start. I am not aware of restrictions on chickens around here. I guess people could complain when they make a noise, but that is not all the time, and they don't really smell. Nobody has ever complained about our chickens. The kids liked them when they were young, but never did much of the work.


I've had these girls for ten years now. No one complained. Neighborhood kids loved them. But the laws changed, and as I think through the set up of all the other folks around here who have chickens, I see that only one of them is not breaking a code. I know we were legal until recently. I thought the officer would come and say "make sure they stay in your yard and keep it under 25". At least I wasn't issued a violation.

I do not know what they think they are doing. Their neighbors will be their kids' teachers, bus drivers, lunch ladies and coaches soon.