The Bad Effect of Bluetooth Device - Be Careful

Technology does have many drawbacks. And I just went through one of the bad affects. Hopefully it doesn't deteriorate much but my excitement of owning a new earbuds came crushing.

Bluetooth Ear buds the new technological revolution , that makes our work much easier. From wired headset, to Bluetooth headphone, to be bluetooth earbuds, we are moving very rapidly towards next generation. I happen to be habitual with wired headphone for the mobile. But the wires does create a lot of issue, and ultimately I opted for new gadgets and bought new Earbuds of Soundlogic company.


These earbuds came in a easy packing, and sounds were quite good. Unless I found out or faced with some complication. The packaging and the flashing chargeable red lights does make the gadgets quite handy. It has good battery backup too. The most important part, One can easily use only one earbuds at a time and keep other ear free

I did that too and used the Left buds for watching movies. The ultimate affects, I ended up with Swollen Eyes in morning.


My first and worst experince of usingba bluetooth device. I only used it for 2hrs at night, I removed the buds before sleeping and kept in the box. But when I woke up in morning, I could not able to open my eyes properly. The affect was only at the left eye. For once I thought, it to be of some bug bites at night or may be changing weather effect, but giving a deep thought I concluded on using the Bluetooth device

May the waves of bluetooth or the running battery on these devices causes me such bad effects. Ultimately making me comfortable throughout the day For sure, I am not going to use it anymore. And hopefully returned it to the seller.

My only advice, be careful while using these electronic devices. I would have ended much worst than what I am now.


Namaste @steemflow


First time I am hearing something like this and you are definitely sure it was not an insect that bite you.

Reason why I asked is because I have slept and woked up with a swollen eye without having a Bluetooth which I know is a result from the bite of a black ant.

Yes, I know this technologies has their side effects but the swollen eye is quite surprising.

Sorry about your eye. I hope it's better now.

No dear, it was not any was a normal swelling without any pain or lower down a bit but when I applied the buds swollen again....then only I get to this conclusion.

Mehn. You tried the buds again! I understand now why you concluded it was the earbuds.

Just to get confirmation or finding out the main cause...dou t now pretty clear...prolonged use may put eye in risk

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I did not know about such consequences - recently bought two headphones for kids to attend their online classes , but I have advised them to use the wear and not turn on Bluetooth because I was thinking it might have some effect.

May be having and in ear have such bad effects....over the ear may be a better option....I see, it got well once I stopped using ear buds...and when I applied for a short again watchful with kids...dont allow them for long duration