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RE: BLOGGING - Abyss or Bliss?

I read your post, the title got my attention.

I wrote a POST the other day and I got a $7 downvote on it from blocktrades and purely because they clearly have someone else on a downvote trail.

This is due to the big rancho vote, his DV did not wipe out the rancho big vote and I understand why he's doing it. He DV'd me last week for the same reason, and I have met blocktrades TWICE so I know it's not personal. He's trying to get rid of someone, it's not a slight on your work.


I appreciate what you are saying, and in all honesty I am considering editing this post, because all people seem to be taking from it is the closing paragraph haha!!! - I know that he didn't even SEE my post... but what he is doing, or rather... the WAY he is going about doing it... is WRONG!

My primary point was combating KAK like that! because it really is bullshit! - Kinda makes you wanna become a weirdo that gauges eyeballs! ;) haha

Everyone focuses on the drama, it's always been that way! Twice now blocktrades has sent me a big DV, but on both occasions, the upvote from rancho and 'h' compensated me greatly.

There's little anyone can do about that big stake of rancho's, if he wants to curate, then he's free too. I feel it is insincere voting, but that's the design of HIVE.

Everyone focuses on the drama, it's always been that way

Human nature at it's (less than) finest... yes - too true!

Life by design is imperfectly perfect I suppose, but again... happy to nullify that in whatever way I/we can :) (Referring to Hive....)

If he didn't even see your post then this is definitely down-vote abuse.