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RE: The crown affair

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Have you ever had a good or bad experience at the dentist?

My mom is going with a full rehab with almost all teeth being repaired. We went to a doctor who is a Friend and then later realized, he is cheating by quoting very high price, now we are with a different doctor (from some good reference from family) who is reasonable. Long running process - all her root canal treatments done, waiting for the crowns.


I've never had a root canal done, it doesn't sound like something I want to have done either. It sounds expensive. Hopefully it all works out for your mother.

Long story short - They say, without root canal, putting a crown is not worth, isn't that the same there ?

Nah, a root canal is not necessary all the time. the crown just protects the integrity of the tooth and has no correlation to a root canal sometimes. It's all dependant upon the situation at hand and do not always have to happen together. It's not about location, here or there, it's about what's required for the tooth.