Reflections On Technology & Family Relationships...

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Technology has had so many effects on the way we relate...

This video had come via one of my mom's forwarded emails, and struck deep.

The story is a touching one.

One which can't help but speak to the human in us, reflecting back part of where we've gone wrong as a society in our relationship with technology - and correspondingly, with each other.

It's sad. But perhaps valuable to really consider.

It's not one we might all be able to put ourselves in, whether parents or not. But it's one that calls for greater awareness as a whole with our response to how we balance our relationships with technology and those closest to us.

(t'is a short, worthwhile view at only 3 minutes)

Children grow up fast. Loved ones leave our lives faster than we imagined.

When those we cherished are gone, will we look back with gratitude for all the quality time we spent together?

Or will we have regretted spending less time isolated in front of our screens, wishing we had invested more in those relationships?

There won't be a take-two.

Or, maybe there will be... starting now... 🙏


I think we were a privileged generation, not having a lot of electronics around us, but a lot of love. Although I don't have children, I have some nephews and nieces that I adore and with whom I try to share quality time, reading, going to the sea that is close by and even drawing. Every day there are more absent parents who hide behind their cell phones. The child walks, talks, eats and records everything. His eyes are the lens of the camera. Like those who go to a live concert and start recording and stop living the concert just to be recording. It's a crazy world and the other way around that we are living and we are the culprits of that world. A world where pets are virtual and love relationships too. We are champions in electronic games, but we are losing in the great game that is life. There's time to turn the tables. I embrace you, @rok-sivante.

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