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RE: I'm like a kid before Christmas!

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I have one plus 6T and am pretty happy with it. As you said, I would rather see them catering the niche crowd. It seems their target is to become the next Apple or Samsung as they have been announcing mobile phones in all price categories. They are coming up with the cheapest (200$) one plus phone called _ One Plus Clover.


I had got my mum a 6T and I was sooooo jealous! I was still rocking a 5 (no T).... so, when it was my turn to upgrade, I was tempted by the older model 7T... but the security lifecycle was too much of a consideration, and the 8 was just too expensive for what it was. So, Pixel or... NORD!

I have seen the Clover... looks like it is really aiming at the low end... perhaps too much so for my own pride! Odd that they are doing a US launch though!