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RE: The first time Saturday

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I was sooo disappointed! And of course by the time I logged on this morning, it seemed all over, and I couldn't portal to the mainstage. Yesterday I got stuck in the caves because I couldn't pick up the torch. Sigh. I really, really wanted to chat to people, so I like the idea of mini meetings in people's 'homes'. xx

And maybe we should organise an Australian meet up in one of our virtual homes.


I was there today but didn't see you...In the caves huh? It's dark in there without a torch...Not spooky, but dark. I explored there with a few lads on day one and went all the way to the inner chamber. Kind of cool. I think some of those outer-environments would have been a nice place to sit and chat in peace and quiet, a couple or small group. There's environments in AltspaceVR like that where people can meet up and just chat so I think something will get set up there, or maybe in someone's home space. After Christmas I think I'll see how we go. Start with a few and yeah, maybe an Australian meet up?

Jamie was laughing that only me could get spooked out in a virtual environment!

Lo9k forward to a meet up x

We'll get a meet up arranged, a few people...It'll just mean trying to find a time that's suited to most people, but it'll start small anyway, just a few.