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This Divide

close to the second that isn't
the air shimmers
slipstreams cut swathes
terrestrial wormholes
vibrational tunnels
through the black
of the unseen

IMG_1920 1.jpg

the wind
wraps a cool hand
wrestling the heat
from greying adobe walls
baked earth and tired bones
the decay whisked away
lost and transformed in toric flow

everything turns in on itself
electrons vibrate
it’s an uproar
experienced only
in the dark mirror

IMG_1945 3.jpg

IMG_1945 2.jpg

IMG_1945 1.jpg


sparks light up the illusion
open a fissure
in the great divide
shifting, phasing in and out

IMG_1933 1.jpg


the man of numbers
with the staticky hair
we can’t go fast enough
to recreate this time

this divide will never come again


In the era of Algorithm rule, it is pretty much impossible to tell the truth ... well not to tell the truth ... you can always choose to tell the truth ... but yet few who get significant media attention do ... tell the truth that is. That's right ... the modus operandi of the powerful and popular is to lie to get powerful and popular ... and hated too. Lies tend to be polarizing.

Politicians, advertisers, and influencers stretch, obscure, and half truth to get YOU angry, scared, and hot. Makes it difficult for those for whom truth is still important to ever actually ascertain it.

So what's a girl who gets hot from honesty to do?

Oh honey ... I have fallen in love with Science ... and with Math too. Math in particular never lies. It may be relative; it may be temporal; but if the equation balances, it's true, at least for the time being.

Now you don't need to ask why all the Science and Math poems ... numbers don't lie. That's hot. Alas, liars use numbers too. Math doesn't lie but mathematicians can. Eye roll. Is nothing sacred?

Only one refuge left. The present moment, the wordless, numberless now. Stretch it up; divide it up, and dive into the obscure. It is all there ever is, and no moment ever comes again. What will you find?

Hello ... the truth is in you.


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