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Shed the Flesh

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shed the flesh
molt and mechanize
hide, hibernate, expand
colonize the self
metamorphose and rupture

transcend the biological
put a stop on evolution
dissolve the physical
become alkaline

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be the mind
wired and uploaded
enlighten to hardware
trade sarcopenia and arthritis
for oxidation and obsolescence

update or be deleted

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IMG_9762 1.jpg

soon drones your android clone:

Meet my maker
Stan the Rusted Man

He's off ...
to be salvaged and re-purposed
may he exist forever


All photos and words are my own.

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This was not the "transcend the flesh" poem I'd expect from you; uploading your consciousness into a technological automaton is quite a sci-fi idea! Update or be deleted, indeed. Poor Tin Man.

Haha ... you, smarty pants. You got the chemical name reference:) Thank you, Victor:)

Nice writing, and yes it is easy to become obsolete these days, when you don't keep updating!!

So true ... here is to frequent updating:)