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Only What Is Felt

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the sharp and the bright

to observe is nothing
to register a hollow tube …

to compute and translate
the binary into merely
the physical
an exercise without depth

gravity is lost

what is created
if nothing has weight

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hands gripped
fingertips locked
on the toggle
control little
sense less

feel … inhabit

the passing of clouds
shadow and light
the shift between
the crisp and the heat

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clay feet in the wash
bathe in the warmth
the setting of suns
dims the Way

admire the unobtainable
the abstract imaginable
from the distance they insist
they exist to inspire
not to settle and colonize

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the dark and the stars
infernos in a vacuum
cannot be grasped or held
without your disintegration

the distance they maintain
they maintain for you
let them remain

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you can embrace
only what can be felt


Words and images are my own. Only What Is Felt was first published today 5/30/2020. To further explore and support my writing, click on any title.








I loved the you can embrace only what can be felt, very poetic. Feelings are so important to take into consideration. What our mind ignores, our heart can feel it

Thank you, Mary. Our mind is often occupied with plans for the future and angst from the past. It is good to let the mind/thoughts rest a bit and get a good sense of what the 'heart' feels. It usually sees things differently:)

So nice to see a new PHC face on my page. I gave you a follow:):):)

Thank you so much, I think it is important to live more in the present and appreciate today.