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Merge With Breathing


my basin, disturbed
rippled and wrinkled

splashed and splotched

wishes and desires
geyser and torrents
scar and scratch
canyon and gulley
upon the mindscape

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reduced to a series of digits
binary and decaying code
no match for the inevitability
callousness and cruelty
of a drunken event horizon
the clutches of its whirling helix

a tsunami for a frantic papillon
forced to flap, too vigorously
to evade the heavy aqua dark
to avoid a not-so tender asphyxiation
by the gouging tendrils
of the elixir of life

atmosphere lost to solar gales
blood baked to stone
silken powder, scraped and scoured
surface area simplified
abraded and tossed
barren dust eddies

wings dissolve and wash away
with tephra and ash
sediment sabine
abducted by the wicked flow
devoured by the the vacuum


IMG_2390 2.jpg

manifestation won't materialize

flight depends on a gentle lift
freedom ... on choice

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time to weave
from the remains
a cosmic chrysalis
water-proof but aloof
a minuscule singularity

await a more cooperative
season of chaos and pattern-making
the reformation of the magnetic cloak

the return of the sky

when hopes condenses like dew
kisses the lips of possibility


love finally merges with breathing


Words and Images are my own.

Merge with breathing was first published today on the HIVE blockchain. A shout out to @dpend who's work, One more tearful wish to wishing-well:
One more skipping pebble 'cross the pond
played some inspiration and thank you to NOVA and the Planets episode on Mars.

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Yes. Indeed. Merging is the way!

Thank you, Kami for reading and taking the time to comment:)