Lacklustre, Original Poetry, Digital Art, and Photography

in The LIFESTYLE LOUNGElast year (edited)


me ... what ... I don't even know
just what do you mean

I too would like to comprehend
this search for someone else out there
this Sisyphean Spaceman quest for something
one thing a little farther after another
if it's nothing we truly crave

IMG_2060 4.jpg

its a riddle of a mission
go nowhere but find everything
something and someone
but refigure so it becomes nothing

thermodynamic and Newtonian edicts
decay to flimsy but hot posits
in thoughtless, abyssal mindspace

timespace ...

I'll let you connect the points
wells, folds, and tunnels

go ahead
build your bridges

I'll hold the poles
snug in my magnetic, electric blanket

IMG_2060 5.jpg

you were given a map
it's not the wayfarers' fault
you confused constellations
with prophecy and promise

now sit motionless
angry with fate
for not coming to you

you are already there ... the guru vows

nothing embraces
but let's be honest
not truthful ... but honest
as a lover ... eternity's a drag

the vacuum supplies contrast
black point and definition
but set against the nova and stellar
no amount of depth and stillness
make up for its lacklustre

IMG_2060 3.jpg


Words and Images are my own.

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