Into the gap

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Into the Gap

IMG_0081 1.jpg

into the gap, through the tunnel
plancked  beneath the extenuated folds
of a disturbed and distorted fabric

eternally falling, the weave liquefies
droplets of itself, twirl down the drain, through the tear

surged past coherent thought and lensed observation
but never a ripple beyond the ever-expanding meniscus
the event curvature of creation



time travels in waves
how did we miss that
looking up
           looking down
looking back
getting washed away
in the wake and pass

IMG_0090 1.jpg

the convergence of two
doesn't make much of a ruckus
HEARD from the future
but its vibrato and syncopation
goes on forever


Words and images are my own.

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Wow 😵 your throwing some words around in this piece. Awesome work!

Thank you, BD:) Words and the universe ... as you do only in poetry:)