In the Suburbs of Spacetime, We Matter, Original Poetry, Digitial Art, and Flower Photography

in The LIFESTYLE LOUNGElast year (edited)

In the Suburbs of Spacetime

the spurs turn
it only hurts
when you try to stop
the Revolution

there's no use
in starting it up again
the well's formed
fluid only moves downhill
but not all at once
there's space for a round

makes one giddy
orbiting backwards
counter-clock centrifugal
astonishment on repeat
rippled reality obscura
inside out, downside up
warped and waterlogged

IMG_1024 2.jpg



have you ever heard of such a thing
not likely ... in my mind's eye
memory only works one way
even when I stand on my head
cover my ears and wriggle my toes


on the lip of oblivion
it starts at the ending
then ends at the start
but you forgot
so you don't remember

you're in prison NOW
for forgetting

that bit of ribbon
tied around your finger
pinned to your insides
doesn't unravel
it pulls when you try
doing that


just hold on

IMG_1024 1.jpg

the event horizon
goes around in circles
down the drain
except on the outskirts

you can live forever
but only in the suburbs
of spacetime

IMG_1022 1.jpg

live forever
lonely and aloof ...
don't take that tone with me

your science and figures
a front, a facade, a hollow-gram
a how-to for the forgetful

in the end
... anywhere along the arc ...
only we matter
matter and then matter again
don't forget that



Words and Images are my own.

In the Suburbs of Spacetime, We Matter was published today and is available in paperback or digital through amazon and your local libraries and bookstores. Click on any title below to further explore and support my writing.









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Haha ... yes I never thought of that meaning as well. Yes ... HODL for the future and penning for the NOW:)

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Thank youm Chitty:)

Oh going quite cosmological on this one. :)

I am a bit of a space junkie, truth be told:)