Imperfect, Shine a Way, Original Poetry, Digital Art and Photography

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unmet expectations
unfulfilled potential

in the dark
your imperfections
keep you away

social distanced from bliss

IMG_1109 4.jpg

IMG_1109 1.jpg

says the light miser within:

I need protection
from you

I need to protect you
from me

I will consume
... or be consumed

IMG_1110 3.jpg


they say the cracks
let the light through

we are all cracked
a little; so I say
shine a Way

inhabit your imperfections
allow them their grace

IMG_1110 4.jpg

beacons of soft light
move just a little faster
than expected, quietly
often unnoticed
by the merely manifested

defy constant laws
embrace parsecs in seconds
escape deep folds
deny abysmal sink holes
radiate warmth

you must be imperfect
to shine a Way


Words and Images are my own.

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This poem resonates with me.

I agree its your imperfections. The cracks, the loveable foibles that are your character and what people ultimately find appealing about a person.

I learned this lesson the hard way in life. I never tried to be perfect, but because of my cracks i felt inferior. Awkward and ugly. I knew i had talent but i always locked up half of who i was because I was somehow disgusted by my flaws. And therefore ashamed of myself.

The whole time people were always saying how great, charming, fun i was but i never saw it or believed it.

Now i learn to accept myself flaws and all. The cracks are what make me unique and some of the flaws actually make me a good person and define some of the more appealing parts of my character. In the end just being myself. And having fun with my flaws has made me much happier. And i shine brighter now that ive accepted my whole self and stopped hiding those aspects away.

Great poem You wrote with a lot of insight and wisdom in it.

Also i think the photography of the flower is a perfect metaphor. Its got some imperfections. But those same imperfections give it alot of its character and are what help to make it beautiful.

What a fantastic comment. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to relate it to your own experience. Yes ... it is our flaws that make us loveable. Those vulnerabilities are the soft parts that make us wonderful to hold.

Wishing you a great day:)

This one really spoke to me. It's kind of ironic as I just wrote a piece about locking imperfections away. I like the metaphor of light shining through the cracks. Nice one, @prydefoltz.

Thanks Moe. This one sat with for a bit. It just wasn't working and then last night I attended a online star party and voilà ... it got its shape:)

Cool. What the heck is a star party?

You look through a telescope together

Oh OK. Cool. You know, one concept that I've always loved about star gazing is that you are actually looking at the past as it happened millions of years ago.

Nice flower with poetry.

Thank you, Kam:)