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Behind the House on the Hill

a lone tree
blooming behind
the old house
the one on the hill

the house is abandoned
a dire event
ran out its occupants
made re-sale impossible


IMG_1783 2.jpg

the sky above
remains blue
when the wind
chases the clouds
off to the west
down into the vale

the sun un-shielded
shines and blares
the shadows
within the house
remain unreachable
uninhabited and ill-lit


IMG_1999 1.jpg

the tree searches
air with limb, soil with root
searching, searching
blooms lure bird and bee
oglers and botanists

leaf and petal
rustle in the breeze
a siren’s call
whispered and scented

won’t someone
something, please
join me
behind the house
on the hill

stay awhile

IMG_1931 1.jpg


IMG_1931 3.jpg

IMG_1931 2.jpg

Spoken Word

It's October 5th as I write this, but October 6th elsewhere, and what is a little time travel among Hivelanders. Happy Tree Tuesday from the past @old-guy-photos. Yeah. I'm going with #Hivelander. Hivian just doesn't carry the same gravitas; let's just all agree that we are so totally awesome and need a immortal, slayer-type pet name to go with being the inhabitants of the best domains on the web. It goes with the season too.

I would also like to take this time ... get it ... to remind all you aspiring Dr. Who types, in both the past and the future, you're dead, and time has a way of keeping things consistent.

Inhabit the NOW with all your might, if you want to live.

Enough talk of death ... okay let's talk about all the life we see around us and the largest among them. No, it's not whales.

Trees. Trees. Trees.

The older I get the more I come to understand that every living being possess consciousness and a will of some sort, a drive, whether they can state it or show it with words or actions. Those stately oaks and maples that we are all oohing and ahhing over ... you better be oohing and ahhing ... they are going bald just for our enjoyment ... those leviathans of the soil and air didn't get to their height and girth from sunlight and photosynthesis alone.

Before they touch the sky, they must root themselves deeply in death.

(Back to death ... it's Halloween; deal with it. Plus there is no understanding looking at only half the picture.)

Yep, all you brain-chip coders and biohackers, keep in mind ... I did it again ... the soil, the very thing we depend on for growing our food, in one way or another, every ounce of its organic material was once alive and is now being fed on and repurposed by the next go around of life.

Those majestic leaf whispers ... calling out a crisp ohm on the wind, settling your mind, and lulling you into a peaceful state ... also full-time crypt-keepers who will feast upon your decaying corpse one day.

So scroll back on up and take a look at the digital art and photography accompanying this post, and understand the trees are indeed waiting for you to join them and stay awhile.

(If you are paying attention, you may have seen this poem before. You may or may not have watched the spoken word. It is worth the time and the spine chills. The images and thoughts are new.)



Words and Images are my own.

The House Behind the Hill is published in Monster, Avatars, and Angels and available in paperback or digital through amazon and your local libraries and bookstores. Click on any title below to further explore and support my writing.









Yes the Universe has shown us all aplenty, recycling is in our future like it or not. So yes, I whole heartily agree with the thought of inhabit the now. TBH I have always seem to struggle with it. I am always looking forward or behind, as the now is squandered away right before my eyes.

Hi Paul, I think what you describe is the human condition. Every moment, we escape it by inhabiting the present without judgement or fear is a gift from the universe. I highly recommend it.

What did you think of how the digital art shaped up ... the face was a total happy, horrific accident.

Very cool actually!

You had me double checking my phone to make sure I had not lost Monday, and was posting a day late lol.

Oh inhabiting the present without judgement or fear or guilt, sounds so beautiful I cant hardly comprehend it.

I find those moments are most easily obtained with no thought first. We are programmed little bunnies.

BTW you are such a sneaky lil tipper, you lol. You have utterly spoiled me already :)

No worries. I am trying to encourage more people to read and comment. You know build community:)

These are beautiful words. Thank you for sharing them.

Thank you, Jangle:)

Hivelanders! I like it.

The circle of life includes all parts, even those we don't like to discuss. When I pass, I'd like to be buried with an acorn, so I can grow into a mighty tree. And then I'd like children to hang a tire swing off a branch and picnic in my shade.

From the poem to the writing, I really, really enjoyed your post today. It kind of inspired me to be a little poetic myself. Maybe I will give my hand a try at this Poetry Tuesday (this is the third poem I read today.. and it's Tuesday haha). I don't know what I'm doing (I like to try in a very amateur sense), but I think I will give it another whirl; well before I die and become organic fuel. hehe

P.S. I love trees too! (not in a weird way either) lol. I love the part about them going bald for us.. brilliant 😊

Thanks, BD. Poetry really is for everyone. You just gotta go for it and write from your truth. There is always someone who will resonate with your words. Don't sweat style or anything like that. Choose the words that sound and feel good for you.

I didn't realize that Poetry Tuesday was a thing. Is somebody curating the tag?

Haha.. I just posted my (depressing and happy mood killing) poem. Thank you for the encouragement 😁

No, 'Poetry Tuesday' Is not a thing.. just said that because I saw a lot of poems posted today. That's all. hehe.

Maybe we should make it a thing ... alright ... coming over to your place to get moodY:)