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Gristle and Cellulite

gristle and cellulite
sculpted and girdled
sucked away, shifted
to more alluring
nether regions

IMG_2661 10.jpg

the vacuous
the injectable

thin here
plump there
take in the form
curves and sharp angles

static pneumatic is the new sexy

IMG_2661 6.jpg

IMG_2661 7.jpg

IMG_2661 8.jpg

IMG_2661 9.jpg


But don’t look too close
scars tanning to leather
best before dates expired
time to schedule another visit
with Dr. Faustus
and his Mephistophilic
medicine cabinet

IMG_2660 1.jpg

IMG_2660 4.jpg

take living tissue
make it dead
have it dance again

airbrush and filter
everything looks better
under distorted
and rose-coloured lenses

IMG_2661 2.jpg

IMG_2661 1.jpg

IMG_2661 4.jpg

IMG_2661 3.jpg


get out the scissors
acids and dissolutions
vacuum and suction

see yourself
as you wish to be

make it reality



IMG_2660 2.jpg

We live increasingly in a world where one can craft his own semblance and even to a point, his own reality ... as long as he doesn't care if anyone else is willing to share it with him. Although surprisingly, some are willing to invest belief and emotion into what appears to the majority of people as obviously fabricated.

Plastic surgery for instance has become as common as corrective glasses and lenses. I am going to confess a guilty pleasure here, because normally I can't stand reality TV shows, but I do like Selling Sunset ... honestly ... for the beautiful houses. I like the buildings and interiors. I consider it art. My little Canadian naive mind however was rocked when one character expressed her admiration for another because she was the only one with her original breasts, and you know what ... she wasn't kidding. It appears at least in LA that augmented chests have become the norm. Now for implants to have any caché or value at all ... any allure ... doesn't one have to play along with the idea that silicone or saline is akin ... or even preferable ... to real flesh and blood.

I see people fawning over obviously face-tuned and altered photos. I'm not talking about air brushing a few lines out, but shots where the individual truly doesn't look human anymore ... like fuzzy Kewpie dolls. Scroll down to the comments and you'll find people playing along.

The willingness to accept altered truths goes beyond appearance and into bizarre conspiracy theories and personal beliefs that one has supernatural powers. I had someone tell me they'd placed Venus in the sky, and it was a new star. When I told him that I had actually seen Venus in a telescope, and it was indeed a planet, he reinvested in his own grandiosity and told me that astronomers were mistaken and knew nothing about astronomy. That was a new star and he put there.

And I don't know if you know this, but right now, there are some fringe Republicans awaiting the second-coming of Prince John-John Kennedy JR.

I really don't understand that one. I means he's a Democrat.

Flat-Earthers find it easier to believe that every single airline pilot is a member of the illuminati, and that ships fall of the edge of the Earth when they stray too far from shore, then to believe that like the moon, which is clearly visible, the Earth is a sphere. But then the moon is tidally locked and only ever shows one face, and so then we get into the flat disk argument.

Thanks for that, Moon. Then there is that song and all those flying pizzas.

ANNNND do you know how hard it is to convince people otherwise of anything but what they already believe, no matter how farfetched what they believe appears to the rest of us. Yet we keep trying don't we? And trying? Talk about believing in a pie in the sky.

Maybe it's better to play along, at least when there is clearly no convincing, and leading by example. Be kind; be as real as you can ; be a treat to be around. Think of it as Halloween 365 days a year.

Take it away Jeff Winger

Words and Images are my own.

Gristle and Cellulite is published in Monsters, Avatars, and Angels. Monsters, Avatars, and Angels is available in paperback or digital through amazon and your local libraries and bookstores.

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